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There are particular things that every one people wish to have hands on, attention and self-confidence. Both these things get lost if one has those bad indications of ageing on the face as first off these mar down a person’s self-confidence level and then remove all those applauds.

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VitaMedica | Arnica Montana | 30X | HPUS | Made in USA | Plant Based | Bruising | Swelling & Inflammation | Muscle Pain Relief | Post Surgery | Homeopathic Remedies | Arnica Tablets | 150 Ct
999 Customer Reviews
VitaMedica | Arnica Montana | 30X | HPUS | Made in USA | Plant Based | Bruising | Swelling & Inflammation | Muscle Pain Relief | Post Surgery | Homeopathic Remedies | Arnica Tablets | 150 Ct
  • Supports Healing: Arnica Montana is a homeopathic remedy that helps treat bruising and reduce swelling associated with soft tissue injury. It can be used to relieve muscle stiffness, and reduce bruising discoloration.
  • Homeopathic Remedy: All-natural medication works without side-effects to gently support healing post surgery or after an injury. Recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologic surgeons to address facial bruising. Single-remedy Homeopathic medication excludes dyes or colorants.
  • Physician Formulated: Developed under HPUS (Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States) standards to ensure we are providing high quality ingredients with over 25 years of clinical use. Made in USA.
  • Accelerates Recovery: Used to aide in post surgery or after an injury to speed up the healing process. Makes black and blue marks go away faster and reduces the swelling, relieving the pressure on nerve endings.
  • Easy & Convenient: This product is a sublingual application. Arnica tablets quickly dissolve under the tongue without leaving a chalky taste in your mouth. Drop the tablet directly under the tongue and let dissolve naturally. 150 tablets / 50 servings.
Recommendation No. 2
VitaMedica | Arnica & Vitamin K Topical Cream | Sensitive Skin | Softens, Calms, Moisturizes, & Restores Bruised Skin | Eye Cream | Plant Based | Vitamin C | Collagen | Skin Care | Made in USA | .5 Oz
  • Restore Healthy Looking Skin: Our silky, elegant cream moisturizes, softens, calms, and restores bruised skin with the help of key ingredients like Arnica, vitamin K cream, horse chestnut, comfrey, & collagen cream.
  • Unique Blend of Arnica & Vitamin K: VitaMedica’s unique blend of arnica, vitamin K, vitamin C, and botanicals clears up skin discoloration and redness quicker than typical arnica bruise creams or greasy arnica ointments.
  • Ideal for Bruising & Cosmetic Procedures: Our non greasy cream is perfect for everyday bumps and bruises. An ideal solution after cosmetic procedures such as fillers, injectables, and facial or dental procedures. Best suited for smaller areas including the face, neck and back of the hands.
  • Plastic Surgeons’ Best Kept Secret: Top doctors nationwide love VitaMedica’s Arnica with Vitamin K cream for bruises. Our physician-formulated bruise cream is dermatologist tested. Safe for sensitive skin and as an under eye cream.
  • Directions For Use: Apply a pea-sized amount to the skin 2-5 times daily. Nanotechnology delivery system ensures penetration into the skin. Softens the look of bruising and dark spots. Doubles as an eye cream for dark circles and puffiness. Improve healing even more with VitaMedica’s Arnica Montana 30X tablets or Bromelain for bruising and swelling.
Recommendation No. 3
VitaMedica | Arnica Montana | 30X | HPUS | Made in USA | Plant Based | Bruising | Swelling & Inflammation | Muscle Pain Relief | Post Surgery | Homeopathic Remedies | Arnica Tablets | 30 Ct
  • Doctors Choice: Top surgeons love our arnica tablets for bruising & swelling after surgery. See for yourself why our arnica montana 30X formulas are the best arnica tablets for bruising, pain, inflammation, and stiff, sore muscles.
  • Physician Formulated: Clinical grade 30X potency HPUS homeopathic arnica tablets manufactured in GMP certified facilities located in the USA. With strict quality standards, our arnica tablets are the best bruise pills on the market.
  • Arnica Pills For Bruising And Swelling: Take arnica montana immediately after surgery, fillers, dental work, or soft tissue injury. Take arnica 30X for bruising, pain, and muscle aches. An ideal addition to your family’s medicine cabinet.
  • Simplify Your Healing: Travel friendly 5 day arnica blister pack fits easily in your purse or overnight bag. Two tiny arnica tablets under the tongue three times a day is all you need. Our arnica tablets for bruising can help speed your healing.
  • Natural Recovery Experts: Our clinically proven arnica montana tablets have been recommended by professionals for over 25 years. Pair our arnica montana homeopathic tablets with our other recovery solutions for even better results.

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VitaMedica- Anti Aging Skin Care Products

Aging skin needs severe skin care and anybody who likes looking excellent, requires to start utilizing anti aging skin care products prior to the indications of aging start turning up or end up being plainly noticeable.

The whole variety of VitaMedica’s anti aging skin care products start looking after those troubling wrinkles, fine lines and sagging lines in a few days.

Not only that these products cater well to the aging associated skin problems, however likewise have the capability to generate complete transformation in ones skin’s texture and appearance, making it soft and radiant.

Amazing Benefits Of Anti Aging Vitamins Readily Available At VitaMedica

VitaMedica has a complete variety of anti aging vitamins that do more than one advantage for the users, showing a need to buy for all.

These anti aging vitamins rejuvenate the skin and produce a fantastic reduction in the aging indications.

Anti aging vitamins offered at VitaMedica lessen the total appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

With routine use of these vitamins, one can obtain a younger looking skin that has a smooth texture.

All those who have dark under eye area can likewise enter for these anti aging vitamins as these reveal remarkable lead to removing them likewise.

These vitamins likewise support renewal process of skin cells attaches up and the wrinkles are stooped from happening.

Complete flexibility of the skin can be brought back with these anti aging vitamins.

Hydrate drying skin as this is among the popular factor behind the incident of wrinkles.

Aging indications and signs can likewise leave particular external and internal dangers; with these anti aging vitamins preventing such intricacies can be prevented.

Countless people have found these anti aging vitamins incredible, due to their amazing results and this effectively validates that VitaMedica understands what a skin needs.

There are lots of complex skin care treatments offered these days, however entering for these anti aging vitamins and anti aging skin care products is definitely a sure thing as there are no chances of any ill negative effects from happening.

Not only that these vitamins and skin care products work, however they are very little of a concern on the pocket likewise, making them a perfect buy for one and all.

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