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SWISSOKOLAB Eye Pads 24k Gold Eye Mask Anti-Aging Hyaluronic Acid Eye Patches Pink Under Eye Mask

SWISSOKOLAB Eye Pads 24k Gold Eye Mask Anti-Aging Hyaluronic Acid Eye Patches Pink Under Eye Mask

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Find out the relevant products below and buy SWISSOKOLAB Eye Pads 24 k Gold Eye Mask Anti-Aging Hyaluronic Acid Eye Patches Pink Under Eye Mask.

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of SWISSOKOLAB Eye Pads 24 k Gold Eye Mask Anti-Aging Hyaluronic Acid Eye Patches Pink Under Eye Mask.

  • 24 K GOLD EYE MASK Nano-Active Gold is a luxury anti-oxidant having anti-inflammatory properties which assist natura y expel hazardous toxic substances, including freshness and shine to du skin
  • ANTI-AGING RESULT of golden eye mask. Under Eye Mask treatment for men and women stimulates ce ular regeneration of exhausted skin, Anti-wrinkle formula helps to invigorate the fragile eye area, smoothes wrinkles
  • COLLAGEN EYE PADS consist of hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, natural plant extracts. Gold eye mask/ korean face mask offers required proteins to the skin brings back flexibility and firmness
  • NO DARK CIRCLES Under eye pads are a perfect solution for reducing eye puffiness and bags. Eye patches visibly get rid of face lines, efficiently ease the look of exhausted eyes
  • LOOK YOUNGER Eye gel pads are highly effective korean skin care treatment that wi rapidly provide your skin the appropriate hydration. 24 k eye mask/ under eye patches offer whatever skin requires to be healthy & totally revitalized

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More Info:

Here are some more information on SWISSOKOLAB Eye Pads 24 k Gold Eye Mask Anti-Aging Hyaluronic Acid Eye Patches Pink Under Eye Mask.
Color: Gold SAKURA SKIN natural professional cosmetics A transformation in repair for fresh, youthful-looking eyes. Proven result of Healing and Securing Worn Out and Harmed SkinAre you looking for a safe and effective way to invigorate your under eye skin for a smoother younger and hydrated look?SAKURA SKIN 24 K GOLD focused under eye mask for men and women reduces dark dry under eye patches, swe ing and puffiness after just a number of usages. ¯ µ Japanese/ Korean Professional skin care treatment TRIPLE POWER of co agen eye mask is a perfect solution for dark circles and puffy eyes.24 k gold eye mask/ korean face mask offers a the benefits of routine spa sees, perfect lifting firming result without the inconvenience or cost of leaving your home. Look Better & Feel Positive with SAKURA SKIN SAKURA SKIN Korean eye care products help in reducing inflammation, swelling, hydrate your skin.Start your day with our depuffing korean eye mask, eye treatment for men smooths the fine lines around the shapes of your face and eyes.Fortified with 100% NANO-ACTIVE GOLD, COLLAGEN & HYALURONIC ACID.Organic ingredients of gel eye patches even more help in reducing puffiness, re-hydrate the sensitive skin rapidly and efficiently. Gentle and Safe Rose Gold eye mask for Everyday Use BENEFITS: Hydrates & Moisturizes Under Eye Area Reduces Dark Circles & Puffiness Smoothes Fine Lines & Wrinkles Reduces Bags Under Eyes Boosts skin Firmness & Flexibility Expels Hazardous Contaminants Keeps the Eyes More Vibrant & Younger Don t miss out on out on the very best eye product. Order NOW.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on SWISSOKOLAB Eye Pads 24 k Gold Eye Mask Anti-Aging Hyaluronic Acid Eye Patches Pink Under Eye Mask.

Question Question 1

Has Anybody Put In Refrigerator For Bonus Coolness?If So, How Was It?

Yes, we constantly keep them in refrigerator. Feels so excellent and relaxing for puffy eyes.

Question Question 2

How Lots Of Times Can You Use One Set?

1 time if you leave it on way too long it will draw the moisture out once again if you take it off and take a look at one the next day it will be dries up like a leaf

Question Question 3

How Lots Of Can Be Found In A Box?

12 sets

Question Question 4

Is This Made In China? Korea Or Japan? Thanks?

They are made in China and are amazing. Likewise, there are no parabens in the ingredients.

Question Question 5

What Is The Plan Size?

There are 12 sets in package. we make my own last longer by utilizing them for 10 minutes each use for 5 days a week. They are incredible.

Question Question 6

When Is It A Great Time To Use These In The Day?. Early morning?. Afternoon?. Night?.?

we think anytime is all right. we use them in the early morning. we have only been utilizing them a few weeks, 3 times a week for 30 minutes or two. we believe they assist. Will have a better response in a few months.

Question Question 7

Is This Made In Japan?

To be truthful we do not know however they can be found in useful extremely helpful

Question Question 8

What To Do If It Is Damaged Throughout Transport?

Report it to and the seller, make an image and send it back

Question Question 9

What Is Diatomic Polysaccharide?

not a hint

Question Question 10

Are They Multiple-use?


Question Question 11

Is This Ruthlessness Free?

we like Eye Pads

Question Question 12

Is This Safe For African American Skin Types?

Skin is skin, its the hair that’s various and requires special/specific products.

Question Question 13

Where Is The Product Made?

our company believe China

Question Question 14

How Lots Of Patches Remain In The Box?

12 set

Question Question 15

Could You Oversleep These?

Yes. we have and really liked the lead to the early morning

Question Question 16

Exists A Distinction In Between The Rose Gold And Just The Gold Eye Mask?

we like the rose gold eye mask better however we wear t believe there is much of a distinction.

Question Question 17

Can You List The Ingredients?

Pure water, nano-active gold, hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, molecular collagen, licorice, oat peptide, flavonoids, lutein extract, diatomwe polysaccharide, rose essence, aqua gel.

Question Question 18

How Is This Quality?

Excellent quality,. Gel- like, thick enough to not move around yet thin sufficient to not feel to heavy. we leave them on for hours and still feels excellent the whole time. They do not truly dry up like some others we have utilized.

Question Question 19

Are The Pairs Reusable Or One Time Use Only?

One time

Question Question 20

Where Is This Product Made?

China, and dispersed from Miami.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on SWISSOKOLAB Eye Pads 24 k Gold Eye Mask Anti-Aging Hyaluronic Acid Eye Patches Pink Under Eye Mask, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Love these eye pads. We have a great deal of allergic reactions and our eyes are frequently puffy in the early morning. These make a big distinction and they feel fantastic. We generally put them on when we get up and then tackle the normal early morning jobs. We seldom have time to just sit and relax so it is essential that they remain on while we walk around. These truly do. As soon as we even used our sun glasses over them and strolled our pet dogs. They were still on when we got home. By the time we put our comprise on our eyes look the way we desire them to. We truly suggest this product.

Similar to another brand we utilized that expense $30 for a pack of 5 so we are quite pleased withthese If we are being truthful, none of these eye masks produce significant results however they feel great and reduce any puffiness. They’re not going to get rid of wrinkles or anything like that, however they will moisturize enough to a minimum of reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Outstanding experience. We are 43 and it is time to start taking unique care on face skin and especially under eye area. We select these patches and omg. It was so ideal choice. We never ever utilized patches befor and was a little anxious, however we enjoyed whatever about them. Plan is extremely hassle-free – each set is separately crammed in great foil. They are simple to use and sensation is amaizing. They are cooling and moisturizing. We got few drops in our eye and it is neutral. There is no aroma and all ingridients get along. Skin looks revitalized and pleased.

Under eye patches are fantastic. We feel the area around eyes is more hydrated. We do not require to use eye creme, they pervade extremely deep into skin layers.

These eye patches are fantastic our preferred color can be found in a box of 12 specific covered. Feels fantastic under the eyes and leaves a fantastic refreshing sensation. We highly suggest purchasing these seller is an enjoyment to deal with.

It’s cool relaxing eye mask. Whatever we anticipated. We use it every day. Will absolutely suggest our good friends.

We enjoythese They feel so great. And yes, they do move a little however that’s to be anticipated since they’re damp and sliour little gel pads? anyhow we totally reccomend.

Amazing eye mask. Utilized them as directed and might truly discriminate prior to and after. Undereye area felt a lot more fresh and hydrated. Would absolutely suggest.

We like this collagen eye mask. Utilized the entire bundle, and might see and feel that the area around eyes is more hydrated. Our spouse asks us if he can use our eye masks).

Edit: we are gon na change our original evaluation. First off, let us inform you that the customer support is amazing. We were sent out products to test and evaluation however these are our own individual ideas and viewpoints and we remained in no other way compensated to provide a favorable evaluation. Customer service reached out to us after reading our original evaluation of the rose gold eye patches. They used us a complete refund for our purchase consisting of shipping as they were unfortunate to hear we were not delighted. We were so delighted with their level of service, that we asked them not to reimburse me, however to send us a replacement in the gold color as that was where we had at first check out all the amazing evaluations. We stated perhaps it s just the rose gold ones and we would enjoy to provide the gold ones a go. We let them know we are brand ambassador for numerous business and we would enjoy to representative their company if we found the new product to be as fantastic as all of the evaluations we check out. Wellllll- the company was amazing. Initially; their interaction is excellent. Immediate responds and clear & succinct messages and super friendly. They sent us a beautiful bundle loaded with their products to test out and we enjoy to report that the rose gold patches we initially got appear to be the only product that they provide that are less than outstanding. The gold patches are amazing as the evaluations suggested. Now, we did observe that the rose gold ones did lastly pick our face after a few minutes, so possibly we didn’t provide enough of an opportunity to really adhere well to our face. And now that some time has passed and we have attempted numerous other eye patches, we can state that the rose gold ones had some great cooling power (keep in a skincare refrigerator for best results), and they were at least average in assisting light our under eye circles and reduce the puffiness of our bags. Still no contrast to the gold ones. They likewise sent us the v line lifting straps were likewise sent out to us and we only got 5, so we believe it would most likely need more than 5 days to truly see a distinction with that product in any brand, so all we can state about it is that we were did pull you jaw line great and tight and the adhesive was great and strong however easy to eliminate the patch when ended up. Last but not least we got another set of hydra gel eye patches in the white color and they too were remarkable. Our favorites without a doubt. We are utilizing them presently every day and we couldn’t be more delighted. Just like all hydra gel eye patches, cooling them makes an enormous distinction. These white ones (and the gold ones) hold the cold in so surprisingly, that they feel every bit as cold after 20 minutes of using them as they performed in the start when putting them on. And they absolutely lowered puffiness and lightened our dark circles and general made our eyes feel more awake, alert and open. So clearly, this company gets 5 starts for customer support and 4. 75 for products (we would provide 5 if we had more of the v-line straps to sufficiently evaluate the distinction after like 2 weeks of using them perhaps. And obviously bc the rose gold ones were still not the best. However the gold and white ones they changed the pink ones with, we would provide 10 stars if we could. You can see in our last 2 images that we are sight for aching eyes when we initially get up, however after utilizing our hydra gel eye patches, we are legitimate like a brand new female. And our eyes are the greatest part of it. Ok so this was our very first time ever purchasing under eye masks. We looked into and check out evaluations and eventually chose to opt for this in the pink (rose gold). Our truthful viewpoints are this. We got our very first set out and among them was torn. It was still functional however just not the very best impression. It states to leave them on for 15-20 minutes. The issue is they wear t remain on almost as fantastic as we were led to think by the other evaluations we had checked out: and to be totally truthful, after we took them off, we didn’t have any sort of restored sensation around our eyes. They were much like blah.

When we get up in the early morning or get home from work the very first thing we do is grab these from our refrigerator and leave them on about 25-30 minutes. In some cases we will use them in our vehicle en route to work. They’re great. We are 44 years of ages and we can state without a doubt these are the very best we have utilized. Please note, we have attempted lots of extremely pricey brand names and in contrast, these are just as excellent if notbetter Our eyes are way less puffy, less obvious wrinkles, smoother skin. The liquid left in the package is fantastic too considering it’s hyaluronic acid and water. Ensure to not toss it away. We pat the rest on our eyes. Terrific product and we will buy over and over.:-RRB-.

Erified purchasewe have been the bags under our eyes. We have bought many products focused on reducing the bags. The other day utilized one set for the very first time. We did as advised on the directions, putting them under our eye for about 30 minutes. We felt a tingling experience nearly instantly which we credited to it working. We discarded them after the 30 minutes and let the area under our eyes air dry. Awakened the today early morning and and saw a small distinction. Rather dissatisfied. The area is not only less inflamed than normal, the area is likewise visibly lighter. We enjoy this product.

We enjoy these gold eye mask. When ever we have a pal over and they sleepover, this product is constantly the one that all of us enjoy. We have lots of various kinds of mask however the gold 24 k eye mask is among their favorites, my own too. Whenever we have a demanding day or we are very exhausted from examinations, we like to put them on and reward ourself. And you get an excellent variety of eye masks in our viewpoint. We are absolutely going to get these once again.

We like it. We use 2 weeks and am extremely delighted with the outcome. Well hydrates the skin around the eyes. Practical to take with you, as each bundle is divided. We suggest.

We got a comparable set of rose-colored hydrogel eye masks in a membership box and desired more however was put off by the high rate (worked out to $5 per set). We found the sakura skin masks on and believed they appeared like an excellent alternative. We were right. The hydrogel patch is great and thick, the serum is hydrating and the patches are splendidly cooling. Best of all there are 12 sets in package. We paid a little over $1 a set which is a wonderful worth. We use eye masks a number of times a week and will absolutely redeem these.

Dark circles under the eyes have ended up being less obvious in just a number of applications. We keep the mask in the refrigerator we believe it boosts the outcome.

Super patches. We have applied them under the eyes 4 times recently and 4 times today. And our skin is truly softer for the touch, hydrated, and looks fresher. Pleasant, soft, cool pads. And a pink color. Is so adorable.

We bought these since we have not been sleeping well recently, adverse effects of a medication we take. On top of that, we have long-term allergic reaction under eye circles. These are amazing. We have been utilizing them a few days a week and when we do, we really look rested. The skin is plump and so smooth, under eye bags are lowered and makeup uses magnificently.

Our skin likes this eye mask. We were looking for a mask with hyaluronic acid for the fragile eye area to reduce puffiness and make that area to look brighter. After numerous applications you can see noticable reduce in puffiness. The skin feels revitalized after each use. The eye patches are easily loaded, what is extremely essential for a mama of 2 little kids.

Omg. We are so pleased to have found your product. We gambled in bought and we can not thank you enough for a product that does precisely what the label states. We just bought this product however results were so amazing on the very first use. Please do not alter ingredients. We will be bought once again and looking for other products in your line. Thank you sooooo much.

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