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Ryker Black Underground Life Extension Handbook – An A – Z of Anti-Aging Compounds

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This distinct book is the work of life extension scientist and expert, Ryker Black, aka. Dr. X.It is presently the only book to offer a thorough database of the most effective anti- aging compounds readily available, providing useful suggestions on precisely how to execute their use into your life extension program. The compounds noted have been divided into 5 different categories, consisting of supplements, pharmaceutical drugs, peptides, bio- similar hormonal agents, and speculative compounds. In each area, and for each specific substance, the author te s you precisely how they operate in the body, what the anti- aging/ life extension benefits are, plus suggestions on the most effective dose and administration methods. The book has been composed in a simple to comprehend design, with the minimum essential use of technical terms. It is an useful hands on guide that the layperson ought to find simple to carry out and, any place possible, information has been kept easy and to the point.A few words from the author Ryker Black: Making the most of healthy life-span. The topic is my enthusiasm, maybe my fixation. Whichever it is, my intent is that we both sha advantage. That is the sole reason that this book was composed. Regretfully there seems a serious absence of information readily available, both in present publications and online, concerning how to efficiently create a thorough, enhanced, synergistic supplements program. One that wi efficiently extend life while keeping sharp psychological function and avoiding illness as we age. I typically have new customers seek my suggestions concerning enhancing their present supplements programs, and I can not te you the number of times I have been frightened by the mish mash of random compounds they had been taking, typically at the incorrect dose and inaccurate frequency. This book looks for to resolve this concern, offering information and suggestions on each of the very best anti- aging compounds, consisting of precisely how to integrate them in an effective supplements program, based upon your level of experience and readily available dedication. The author has personality y utilized and examined practically each and every single substance and continues to use lots of on an indefinite basis. The information offered in this book is based upon the resultant understanding acquired from over 20 years of the author’s individual human laboratory rat experiments, the indispensable feedback of his customers, and the findings of independent clinical studies.As we as suggesting specific brand names and particular products for each and each of the dietary supplements examined, the author likewise provides validated provider information for each and every pharmaceutical, bio- similar hormonal agent, peptide and speculative substance examined in the book.The fo owing compounds are examined in information by this publication: Acetyl- L- Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Abaris, Aspirin, Astaxanthin, BPC-157, Bio- Similar Hormonal Agents, C60 (Buckminsterfu erine), Centrophenoxine, CJC-1295, Curcumin, Deprenyl, DHEA, Enzymes, Epitalon, Estrogen and the Menopause, GDF-11, Gerovital (GH3, KH3), Green Tea Extract, Growth Hormonal Agent, Hydergine, Ibutamoren, Iodine, Ipamorelin, L- Carnosine, Magnesium, Melatonin, Metformin, MK-677, MSM, MT- 2 (Melanotan), NAC (N- Acetyl Cysteine), NAD, Niagen, Nicotinamide Riboside, Omega- 3 (DHA/EPA), Oxaloacetate, Phosphatidylserine, Piracetam, PQQ, Pregnenolone, Probiotics, ProBoost, Progesterone, Proteolytic Enzymes, Pterostilbene, Rapamycin, Resveratrol, SAMe, SARMs, Selegeline, TA-65, TB-500, Thymic Protein A, Testosterone and the Andropause, Thyroid Hormonal Agent, Thyrotropin Releasing Hormonal Agent (TRH), Trimethylglycine (TMG), Ubiquinol (CoQ10), Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E Tocotrienols and Tocopherols, Vitamin K2.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Ryker Black Underground Life Extension Handbook – An A – Z of Anti-Aging Compounds, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We are not truly one for leaving evaluations, however in the event of this book we felt absolutely forced to. Throughout the years we have built up rather a comprehensive anti- aging library, however absolutely nothing in our collection comes close to supplying the level of real life useful information and suggestions which this gem of a book includes. When we began reading it we could not put it down, ultimately getting to bed at 3am only to re- read it the extremely next day. The author’s understanding and apparent experience with regard to life extension compounds has truly opened our eyes. Prior to reading this book we truly did believe that we had our anti- aging supplement stack tweaked, however we now understand that we had in reality making some extremely crucial (and expensive.) mistakes. We should confess that we had not even heard of some of the compounds which the author evaluations, nevertheless we will most absolutely be consisting of numerous of them in our new upgraded program. We found the book to be well laid out and reasonably simple to comprehend for a book of this type. We like the reality that it’s easy to leap to any product that intrigues you, which is just as well as there are a lot of supplements examined. In the last chapter there are sample supplement programs to fit those new to life extension all the way as much as advanced users. We found this specifically helpful as it truly takes the uncertainty out of choosing which supplements to best invest your budget plan on. We make certain that this book will stay an important referral to us for several years to come and we will most absolutely be watching out for future works from this author.

This book is an excellent guide to all of the methods one can use to extend your practical life expectancy. The author, ryker black, has an exceptional, deep understanding of life extension concepts and does an excellent task of laying out what a life extension procedure ought to appear like, all in a comprehensive simple to comprehend format. We are certified health and wellness professional and we have been associated with the life extension motion considering that the early 80 s, yet we still got a lot of helpful information from this book. We composed the author with a question we had about our own program and his reply was timely and extremely comprehensive. You can inform he appreciates assisting people extend their life expectancy.

General, this is an exceptional book and, clearly, well-research consisting of not only ryker’s individual experiences however those of others too. Our only remark it exists are disparities and in some cases it is mis- leading. For example, there are supplements he does not go over (such as glycine) and supplements he talks about however states he does not take (such as trimethylglycine (tmg)) that he does take since they are consisted of in one the pills he takes. In this case, thorne research’s resveracel. Then there are ones he states he takes such as thorne research’s niacel-250, nicotinamide riboside and it appears thorne has stopped this product. So, basically, to get a complete list of all the supplement he personally takes you need to go back to each tablet and see what ingredients are consisted of there in. Now, other than time consuming, it has been an excellent workout to dig deep into his choice of the supplements he utilizes to see the complete list and real does together with orientation to identify what product we wish to include. As a 71 years of age, getting up- to- speed rapidly is essential and just following any of his supplement program suggestions consisting of the ultimate will not be complete without digging out the “hidden” supplements such as glycine, quercetin, and pterostilbene to call a few.

We have been pursuing an interest in anti- aging supplements for most likely twenty years now and have marveled how far we have come throughout that time in our understanding of the aging process. It was typically pleased upon us that there was an alarming requirement for some sort of main information base that articulates what are the current and biggest anti- aging supplements at that point in time and that was composed in layperson s terms. Then, witness– ryker s book appears on practically as if we willed it into being ourself. It is his earlier 2015 procedure handbook on anti- aging that we initially acquired and its composing design made it extremely simple to execute its suggestions into our way of life enjoying fantastic results. That book initially presented us to supplements more typically utilized in europe that most americans have never ever even heardof Considered that lots of of these supplements have been readily available for several years now considering that they were found by numerous researchers, it is a travesty that a lot of people have been denied of this information who might have benefited. The new underground life extension handbook, 20019, is a testimony of ryker s dedication to keep upgrading the information which is extremely crucial to know. At the end of each area there is now an active link that takes you to ryker s suggested brand and source– which the earlier variation did not have. If you live an active life and put on t have the luxury of time to correctly veterinarian which supplement offers the very best quality for the rate then this book will be one of the very best financial investments you can make. There are a lot of appealing remedies to aging on the horizon now so we find it reassuring to know that somebody like ryker black has handled the mantle of forward scout– looking out for prospective risks along the roadway and reporting back the great and bad. -robert dawson.

This is an exceptional deal with supplements you can use to keep you humming along. We just recently checked out dave asprey’s most current books, “game changer” and “super human”, likewise david sinclair’s book”lifespan” These are all exceptional, should checks out in this classification. Mr. Black’s book is similarly, an exceptional, should check out. It’s likewise a keeper; you’ll wish to refer back to it from time to time. We are practically completed reading it and will re- read it right after we complete it. We have read about health and longevity for a long period of time. This work is a need to check out (beyond highly suggested). We want we had this info years earlier. You’ll likewise require to check out nnemf’s, getting adequate sunshine, workout, motion and cold thermogenesis if you’re truly dedicated to fantastic health.

358 porkyswe are 33 years of age male, enjoyed biohacking, health, nutrition and physical fitness for a while. Saw this book on and chose to provide it a shot. We like how the book is structured. He provides a bit on each substance including its history, mode of action and energy in antwe aging. He likewise points out possible negative effects and shares his individual experiences. Love that the book less discussed compounds like peptides, hormonal agents and sarms. Actually fantastic plus. There are likewise fantastic tips for procedures to follow for people of all various levels of dedication; from newbie to ultimate. General love the book. Fantastic referral and introduction into anti- aging and life extension. Thank you ryker.

A comprehensive and splendidly arranged compendium of life extension supplements and practices. We purchased it (this is a book you wish to own, not obtain) since we had an interest in one specific supplement however found a wealth of other understanding that has truly widened our outlook on this life extension process. The book is arranged into 3 parts: a summary of the life extension process, a guide to utilizing the information and rankings of the supplements and then the real meat of the book- a comprehensive description over forty life extension supplements, drugs, peptides, hormonal agents, and speculative compounds. This is where this book resembles no other. For each supplement we get the author’s ranking, a history of the substance, it’s mode of action, benefits, negative effects, the author’s individual experience with the substance, dose, period of use (some of this things appears to work better if you use it periodically), accessibility, and a link to the source that the author personally utilizes. This tail end conserved us hours of learning the fifty approximately brand names of resveratrol on the marketplace. Lastly, if any questions emerge, an e-mail to ryker gets you a fast and comprehensive response. In summary: if you are seeking to live a longer and much healthier life, this is an excellent location to start.

We found this book extremely handy for getting succinct and to the point evaluations of lots of anti- aging supplements andproducts The author has utilized lots of of them and can speak with their relative efficiency. When research has been done on the supplement, he makes a point to discuss it. Just as crucial (since lots of cutting edge compounds are not greatly research due to absence of financing) he points out anecdotal information from other users so that a minimum of you have some concept of what to anticipate. The author is likewise true to his word to return to you if you have questions, he did more me. Thanks.

Concise information on most appealing antiaging compounds, incudes plain language description of modes of action, dose and use. For instance, we had formerly heard of metformin, this book offers a great summary of why/how it works, dose, and so on. On the other hand, you require some working understanding on human biology particularly gotten in touch with antiaging (autophagy, srit 1, nad). Something that is doing not have in the antiaging literature that we have examined up until now, this book is no exception, is anything on distinctions in between woman and male biology and how efficiency of these compounds vary from male to woman.

Depending On this to act as an excellent foundation to assist us break mountain climbing up records at250 A highly available and educational collection of longevity- boosting information that if well utilized might include numerous years or more of vital health to most anybody s life-span – and we make certain that s got ta deserve a minimum of a couple hundred thousand beyond the rate of the book. We are specifically delighted about the capacity of gdf-11 and we put on t know just how much longer it would have taken us to realise of it if not for this book. We are starting to analyze sinclair, de grey and kaufmann s insights and procedures too to get a better grasp on how they compare to ryker s method– though we make certain his organized ‘never-ceasing book will enter into yet higher information on the elements of life- extension concentrated on by those authors. We are positive this book has substantially accelerated our journey in some strongly life boosting directions. At the exact same time, while we believe it s an excellent introduction and practically a brochure of unfamiliar health and longevity improvement alternatives when it concerns the more- so cutting edge supplements and research chemicals recommended we would still personally recommend doing some extra research – through a minimum of a few good youtube videos or online posts. A minimum of that s the method we are taking– specifically as we find all this biochemistry of biohacking very fascinating in any case. Though we envision it ll be covered in some depth in the author s prepared books on trt and hair repair in the context of suggesting testosterone therapy it appears like it would have been great to consist of a minimum of some standard preventative info on how to decrease conversion of testosterone to estrogen through aromatase inhibition together with more on obstructing dht too. Fantastic discussion format for each supplement– substance noted– with a ranking, standard intro and background, the author s individual experience, prospective negative effects, dose, and so on. We believe it may likewise be good to have had the ranking number consisted of beside each product in the table of contents too– however possibly the anticipation isbetter Often the author consisted of relatively informative accounts of his individual experiences though in other cases only his dose level was consisted of– and although we would have liked more insight and individual anecdotes in each case we make certain it s not constantly possible to state for specific just what impact a provided substance is clearly having. We are unclear why carnosine is suggested versus beta- alanine as we have normally heard it reported that beta- alanine is a much better way to develop carnosine levels in the body– though it might be that there s other anti- aging benefits of oral usage of carnosine itself as we are discovering it consisted of in a minimum of another popular procedure. Likewise in the context of suggesting a lot of supplements we would definitely be interested to hear the methods the author utilizes to arrange and accessibly keep what he takes throughout every day– and any particular systems for advising himself what to take when. We are presently utilizing 2 of the medcenter 31- day organizers– which are working quite well, however we make certain we might fine-tune the method. Based upon the suggestions of morley robbins and others we are inclined to take a significantly greater dosage of magnesium too– together with transdermal mg (meticulously) mixed with dmso specifically as we appear to have developed a troubling quantity of crackling soft- tissue calcium- phosphate throughout the years. Along that line it likewise appears that k2 would have been great to provide its own popular heading as it s such an essential and still not all that well-known vitamin. Though we believe it was pointed out in the context of d3. We would likewise wonder to hear the mr black s handle methylene blue and ghk copper peptide as some other popular authors appear to be raving about them. Likewise of course curious about the lack of lots of of the essential classical chinese medicine tonic herbs such as reis he- shou wu and cordyceps – with their long- term associations with longevity, and so on. Likewise appears like it would have been great to consist of 5 approximately of the other leading nootropic compounds out there too. In addition it might be fantastic to hear his take on the growing field of molecular hydrogen treatments provided by lebaron, and so on – though we believe we have heard there’s some changeover or possibly redundant effects with c60 And likewise when we believe of it, indium- sulfate? we are constantly so shocked there’s so little talk we can find about that under- valued component. However who am we to state truly: though chronologically we are practically a years younger than the author he still appears about twenty years more vibrant than me. It ll take us a while to completely and masterfully use all of the strategies in this book however we are well on our way to beginningout We are working to very first reverse sped up aging from extended hazardous mold direct exposure and stired to invigorate and see the longterm benefits unfold for ourself and any liked ones we can persuade to come along on the journey. We aspire to examine out ryker s sauna book and 3 other prepared books too. To the level we can manage it we are dedicated to following this course– together with plenty of nei- gung & body electronic devices, and so on– a minimum of till a well- tested swarm of nanobots or such appears to renovate our entire bio- system from the withinout Thank you quite mr. Black for sharing your huge build-up of understanding and personally tested insights – quite anticipating your future works.

This book by ryker black is the most comprehensive and holistic combined source of anti- aging practice and concepts that we have checked out to date. What few books readily available on this subject are unclear, out-of-date, and without appropriate assistance. The information readily available previous to this book was spread and undependable. This is an individual bio of information and results gotten as it refers to anti- aging and longevity. Prior to reading this book it was presumptions and guess work pieced together from several sources and usually there are contradictions from one source to the next. The information is this book is years in the making and ryker definitely provides. It is a testimony to ryker s understanding based on real life circumstance where words are backed by action and then sharing this with others. He is supplying the foundation, user’s manual, and a plan to success. Progressive and proactive information for those of us aiming to end up being the very best variation of ourselves. As mark twain has stated, twenty years from now you will be more dissatisfied by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So, toss off the bowlines, cruise far from the safe harbor, capture the trade winds in your sails. Check out.Dream Discover.– mark twain.

Why lose time and transform the wheel? this book was exceptional since it removed fluff and made it extremely cookie cutter to have a much healthier longer life. As a doc we have included a number of supplements currently from our education. We disliked that it was a little here and there and then do research regarding which product is better than others as these things differ in quality. The book is a dish to get the products by name which we liked and appreciated with accurate does and combinations which we would not anticipate the ordinary individual to know otherwise. The book was composed comprehending that you would go a particular instructions and let you know what to do. It resembled having a coach guide you. Well arranged and ideaout Our review is that it needs to have had a dish for blood screening to get whatever you would desire each time and where to send it if you docs labs do not test for those products. We believe he referenced that in another book of his. Congratulations to mr. Tyler black.

This is an exceptional resource to get a summary on a large variety of antwe aging compounds varying from standard vitamins for basic health to speculative peptides for the tough core bio- hackers out there. The book is composed in a manner in which is simple to comprehend, providing you the basics on the pluses and minuses of whatever covered. A lot is covered, so you’ll most likely find compounds you have never ever heardof Ryker does not get unfathomable into the geeky science, however provides an excellent, simple to comprehend summary of how each substance might impact your body and health. There isn’t a heap of research pointed out in the book, however it is an excellent leaping indicate start your expedition of a lot of interesting compounds, like those in the cutting edge field of restorative peptides.

This book can genuinely be thought about the bible of life extension. It covers, in a non- technical, yet completely comprehensive way, all the relevant vitamins, supplements, and other anti- aging compounds readily available today. It is likewise a bonanza of how- to’s and other health and physical fitness suggestions as it connects to aging. It is clear that the author has committed substantial effort to looking into the topic. This is a should for anyone who wishes to extend their heathspan, and by extension their life-span. The book is likewise very well composed and bang up to date with the current advancements in anti- aging, it comes highly suggested.

Ryker black truly comes through with very detailed understanding in concerns to numerous supplements and pharmaceuticals that work for anti- aging applications. What’s great, what’s just fine, and what has been supplanted by more recent better things, together with adequate information to assist choose if something is ideal for you or not. We have been studying this subject relatively fanatically for about a years now, and would think about ourself the “expert” a minimum of as far as our individual network is worried, however as far as our stack compares to his recommended stacks at the end, we are still “intermediate” level. Lots of fantastic, condensed info in this book, that a person would be extremely tough pressed to piece together from simply going through online forums online. Just wow.

We enjoy this little bundle of potent summaries of the benefits of a selection of longevityproducts We like likewise that the author includes his individual experience with what he evaluates. That he is well looked into and a lover appears. We are currently changing off of a costly peptide for boosting human growth hormonal agent in favor of another product examined, and which we did not know about, for higher potency and less cash.

Well worth the little financial investment and we purchased more “bucky balls” after attempting some a year ago and not discovering much however checking out rykers experience encouraged us to attempt some once again plus he offered us some guarantee that we are not squandering cash on some of the other supplements that we are attempting that he likes.

We are 82 years young and suffer nightly with strange body burnings. Have been blindly taking several suppliments for years since treating an ulcer with vit e and bananas and b vitamins when all our physician provided was valium. Our company believe an appropriately norished body will serve well. However. Can’t figure out what ishappening to us now. Going to use this book to arrange itout Seems like menopause on steroids. We require sleep. Likewise have genetic heart valves issues physicians wished to change numerous years ago with pig valves. Only criticism we have is absence of sources for the products.

We are a devoted reader of health and anti- aging information > this book has opened our eyes to lots of possibilities that are not extensively discussed. A needs to check out for all who wish to optimize their healthy life expectancy. Well into our seventies and am getting our biological age younger every day.

This is truly laid out remarkably and covers a lot of area in the anti- aging life extension world. We specifically valued the various procedures in the back of the book that arrange all the suggestions in levels of dedication into programs – from starter to advanced -truly made it much easier to in fact use. Extremely beneficial e- book to contribute to anybody’s library.

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