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Premier Dead Sea Classic moisture complex cream normal to dry skin

Premier Dead Sea Classic moisture complex cream normal to dry skin

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Premier Dead Sea Classic moisture complex cream normal to dry skin.

  • MOISTURIZER FOR FACE: Dead Sea face moisturizer supplies skin with a daily dosage of intense hydration that helps disappear the appearance of lines and wrinkles and helps restore moisture for smoother, pumper skin.
  • EARLY MORNING AND NIGHT CREAM: this lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer provides hydration and moisture to a skin types, consisting of sensitive skin and soaks up rapidly without leaving a sticky movie, for smoother, nourished, younger-looking skin.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC AND SENSITIVE SKIN TESTED – Advanced and gentle cream to reward wrinkles, features a non-comedogenic formula.
  • DERMATOLOGIST-TESTED – Non-greasy moisture cream that has been dermatologist-tested to reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • POWERHOUSE INGREDIENTS Vitamin A & E, Ginko extract, Aloe vera, Dead Sea minerals, Jojoba Oil, Sweet almond oil and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Premier Dead Sea Classic moisture complex cream normal to dry skin.

Question Question 1

What’S The Expiration Date On This Product?

The one we acquired in 1/2013 has a date marked on the side of 2/2015, not sure if this is offer by or expiration. The one we just acquired in 3/2014 has a date stamp of 11/2016

Question Question 2

What Is The Date Of Production?

Premier Dead Sea products are not date stamped.When we asked an agent at the shopping center why this was so, we were informed it is due to the fact that the products are packaged in glass containers as opposed to plastic & for that reason it is unneeded to date them.we have never ever had an issue with any we have acquired.

Question Question 3

Does This Product Include The Mineral Bar In The Cap To Wash The Face Prior To Using The Cream?

Primary step: the mineral bar to wash, 2nd action: using thecream we use the cream for numerous years.Very great product.

Question Question 4

Any One Else Notification The Significant Boost In Cost On? We Have Been Paying About $20 For The Previous 3 Year And All Of An Unexpected It Is Nearly $50?

first off, are you pleased with the quality of product you use? we buy our personnel in premier main shop and we provide our customers the very best. Regrettably the marketplace has lots of phony products, which are extremely challenging to identify from the originals.

Question Question 5

Does Premier By Dead Sea Premier Still Manufacture Collagen, Beta Carotene & Seaweed Mask?

yes, asin: B000 V7DONW

Question Question 6

How Numerous Ml Is This?

60 ML

Question Question 7

We Want To Order 2 Bottle Of Premier Dead Sea MoistureComplex Do You Have Stocks To Provide To Hong Kong?

yes we do have:–RRB-

Question Question 8

Does This Have Spf Ranking?


Question Question 9

Does This Product Include Theblue Moisturizing Soap? It’S Normally In The Cap.This Is Various Product Packaging So We Are Baffled.?

Dear Catherine, It utilized to included a blue mineral bar in the cap up till a few years earlier, then the product packaging got a face lift, the container color altered from blue to white and the blue mineral cap was eliminated, and package style was upgraded.

Question Question 10

How Much Capability? 60 Ml?

Hi Mandy, yes – the product is 60 ml

Question Question 11

How Do You The Mineral Bar?

Hi Rita, we use the mineral bar about two times a week after we clean ourskin It makes an extremely smooth surface area, however it is not annoying to the skin.

Question Question 12

We Initially Bought In Vegas.Love This However Is This One A Daytime Moisturizer?Box Is A Various Color?

yes, it is daytime moisturizer

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Premier Dead Sea Classic moisture complex cream normal to dry skin, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We like this moisturizer. We have mixskin Around our mouth is dry and our cheeks and nose are oily. We likewise have big pores on our cheeks, nose and forehead. This things is amazing for the dry skin around our mouth. We normally have to moisturize that area a couple times, in some cases even have to put lotion on after that and in some cases reapply later on. Due to the fact that we have mix skin, it’s tough to find a product that will really moisturize without making the rest of our face look more oily than it is. It does hydrate our dry skin while managing excess oil, like it declares. Perhaps not to the level that our skin needs, however it does a respectable task nevertheless. Anyhow, we just put a primer on our cheeks and we are great to go, so no huge offer. (we might attempt the normal to oil skin to how that a person operates in contrast for us) this likewise does a fantastic task of making our pores look smaller sized. If absolutely nothing else, we would continue to use this product for the impact it offers on our bigger pores. The only thing we dislike about it is the way it smells. It smells like an old lady’s fragrance. And it’s strong too. If you can’t manage such fragrant products, then you may desire to keep away from this. Took off a star for the odor due to the fact that we really find it terrible. If they took out the scent this things would be perfect. Edit: it’s been over a year considering that we have purchased this. We use it almost every day and still have some left. We have likewise gotten utilized to the terrible odor. Given that utilizing this, we have not had an issue with exceedingly dryskin We have likewise seen that if we do not use it for a few days, that issue area does become worse. In all, we feel the product transcends and though it’s a bit costly, it lasts a truly very long time so you only have to buy it occasionally.

We are absolutely delighted with this status facialcream Have been utilizing it for about 6 years, and like the way it feels on our face, and how it appears to take the wrinkles out of the wrinkles. Am likewise grateful that the status facial cream is offered on …

Product can be found in a various case. Maybe, an older batch. It included some red-gelly things around the rim of the case. Didnt odor bad however not a quite sight, rather unpleasant. Upon application, it particular feel smooth soft on our dehydrated + oily skin and does not trigger any breakout, considering that we began on it 18 days earlier. Love it.

We just like the premier dead seaproducts They are great quality and is the only products that we use.

Softens skin as quickly as applied. Its not oily. Mom likes it.

This product provided us the tightest pores, plumpest skin, and healthiest glow we had ever seen on our 37 years of age face. Regretfully, it likewise intensified our cystic acne:( it felt terrific going on (scent is strong, however fades rather rapidly) however 2 days later on – boils:( we have attempted it a number of times after providing ourself a month or more without it and constantly get boils if we use it. We presume that it might be fine for those who do not have an underlying concern considering that it offers us 2 days of terrific skin prior to we break out.

Paid booo coo cash for it in the shopping center. It has assisted our sun harmed skin, pre-cancer spots when utilized routinely to practically absolutely nothing.

After utilizing this for about 3 weeks now (early morning and night), we enjoy, extremely delighted to report, that this product has assisted us (practically) remove acne, complete removed dry spots, and we are now going to buy one for our other half. We like this a lot we are going to look to see if they have product with sunscreen too.

Fantastic little secret thiscream Utilizing for years. Great cream terrific cost. Mona m.


This cream is fantastic, so moisturising.

We have been utilizing this product for the previous 3 years. Nevertheless, the expense of the product made us stop purchasing it for the merchants. This is the very first time we have order it for and we are astonished at the distinction in cost. Merchants are offering this product for over a100 00. We go it for19 00. We were totally shock. This product is great. It is terrific for all skin types and will keep your skin smooth all day. For the cost you can’t beat this.

Love the things.

Amazing product. Everybody is discussing our “refreshed skin”.

This product deserves the cost. If your looking for a truly great cream, look no more.

We have utilized it a few time. We believe it is going to be great; nevertheless, the factor we ranked it 4 star is due to the fact that the seal was broken and some of the cream was on the external part of the seal?????.

Fantastic product; without a doubt the very best creams our relative has ever attempted.

Incredible cream.

This is an excellent moisture lotion. It is not oily, and goes on efficiently. This lotion has an excellent aroma to it. Fantastic product and would highly suggest it.

Love it, feels terrific and does not trigger us to be oily or have breakouts. (we have got normal to oily skin). Although it states it has an spf in it, we will burn if we do not toss some sunscreen over it.

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