Nulase™ may be advertised as an effective skincare system for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. Nulase™ is a brand of skincare products that combines “laser” technology with topical solutions.

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Nulase™ is a brand of skincare products that combines “laser” technology with topical solutions to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin and other signs of aging.

Though women may have several options for which products to use, the manufacturer seems to encourage individuals to purchase the entire six-piece set, which may cost hundreds of dollars.

The manufacturer appears to promote the skincare system as a more affordable and less risky version of BOTOX®, but many women may be skeptical of its purported effectiveness. We feel women should always learn as much as possible before trying a product. We will get a closer look at this product to find out if it may be as effective as advertised.

Products at a Glance

Some of the products marketed by the company include a Starter Kit, which consists of an ergonomically designed laser and a Laser Repair Cream; the Complete System, which includes the laser and five topical products:

  1. Physician Formulated Cleanser;
  2. Laser Prep Milk Cleanser;
  3. Diamond Exfoliator;
  4. Laser Repair Cream;
  5. Laser-Finishing Cream; and
  6. Laser Eye Serum.

The company claims the laser is both gentle and safe, in addition to easy to use and ergonomically designed. Some of the purported benefits of the laser include “super-charged DNA repair and cell rejuvenation,” enhanced “natural production of ATP” and the ability to improve absorption of the system’s creams. However, the laser may not be backed by clinical studies.

Products in Focus

Though the company may promote the cleansers, exfoliator and serums as high-quality ingredients, many women may be more interested in finding out about what the creams may be capable of doing. The Laser-Finishing Cream, which is meant to be applied at night, is advertised as versatile, but a full list of ingredients is not disclosed at time of review.

The Laser Repair Cream may contain:

Thiotanie, Multi-Functional Amino Acids, Mitostime, Vegetal Filling Spheres, Molecular Biopolymers, BVOSC, Glucosamine, Algae, Yeast, Urea and Polypeptide Triple-A Complex. Unfortunately, it seems the cream must be used in conjunction with the laser to be at all useful, which may be inconvenient.


While advertisements claim the products may be useful in and of themselves, it seems women are expected to purchase the entire system for best results. An individual may be led to believe the multiple products may offer a comprehensive base of support, but it may become annoying to have to keep track of six different products on a daily basis.

We also note that many of the products on the official website are listed as “temporarily out of stock” at time of review. The company may have us believe that this is because demand is high, but we suspect it may be a lapse in proper customer service; some of the more reputable and higher-quality products are known to be available consistently from select companies.


  • Interested individuals may have several purchasing options
  • Some of the topical products may contain simple ingredients


  • Some of the products may be very expensive
  • None of the products may contain Collagen or Hyaluronic Acid
  • A money-back guarantee may not be available at this time
  • We would like to see some more testimonials online

Final Thoughts

Nulase™ may be advertised as an effective skincare system for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin, but we believe there may be more worthwhile alternatives on the market. The price may unsettle many women; the six-piece set is listed at about $329 at time of review.

We believe quality customer care is underrated in the industry; many products may be advertised as great, but they may not be properly marketed or backed by companies that genuinely care about an individual’s experience.

Some of the more reputable companies are known to offer risk-free money-back guarantees and to post generous amounts of consumer testimonials on their websites.