Meaningful Beauty

The Meaningful Beauty line of cosmetic products are mainly the creation of popular French skin specialist Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, who began developed products for customers after years of assisting celebs like supermodel Cindy Crawford to handle issue skin.

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Meaningful Beauty

Meaningful Beauty partnered with Cindy Crawford, who is the lead representative for the line, and Guthy-Renker, among the most popular (or notorious, depending upon your viewpoint) paid announcement business in the United States.

Meaningful Beauty does take a distinct method to facial aging by using a distinct Facial Masque that can be applied to the face and cleaned off after a quick wait. We chose to look even more into this formula’s ingredients and judge for ourselves.

Included Ingredients

Meaningful Beauty’s Facial Masque consists primarily of standard botanical extracts, which generally run by cleansing the skin, toning it and offering protection versus destructive components.

One of these is Ginkgo Biloba, which is normally utilized as an ingestible supplement to boost brain function. Ginkgo Biloba does assist to boost blood circulation, so its addition in this formula might assist rejuvenate parts of the skin that have actually ended up being cut off from an excellent supply of oxygenated blood.

Meaningful Beauty likewise consists of Eucalyptus Oil, which is an effective astringent that helps dry out and get rid of excess oil and other blocking products. Eucalyptus is typically utilized by aestheticians as a primary step prior to carrying out a facial, given that it does have a powerful cleansing result.

The company’s facial masque likewise consists of Cucumis Sativa (cucumber), which has a long history of use in health spas as a gentle toner for the skin. We have actually all been inscribed with the image of a lady depending on a spa with 2 cucumber pieces over her eyes. There is a factor for that image, given that Cucumber carries out in truth assistance to relieve the skin.


  • 60 day warranty
  • Some handy botanical cleansers in the product


  • Does not actually assist to reduce wrinkles
  • Includes no collagen boosters like Glucosamine Complex
  • No free trial alternative offered


While these ingredients might have useful effects on the skin, it does not appear as if they will actually carry out any sort of substantial or enduring wrinkle reduction result.

We don’t doubt Meaningful Beauty – or Dr. Sebagh’s – credibility in the field, however this product appears like an excellent additional formula rather than one you might count on to eliminate wrinkles and assistance secure versus future wrinkle development. We advise this product only in combination with a proven wrinkle reducer.

Last update on 2021-08-30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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