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Lift Care Rejuven Mask Pro LED Light Therapy Mask for Anti-aging

Lift Care Rejuven Mask Pro LED Light Therapy Mask for Anti-aging

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Lift Care Rejuven Mask Pro LED Light Therapy Mask for Anti-aging.

  • REVOLUTIONARY anti-aging ALL-IN-ONE exceptional system synergistica y helps to change and revitalize your skin for a more vibrant appearance.
  • INCLUDED ON INSTYLE PUBLICATION- Aids in boosting co agen in the skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • EASY TO USE-Just placed on the mask for 10 minutes a day and see cumulative restorative effects
  • REDUCES FINE LINES & WRINKLES. Help in boosting co agen in the skin
  • Educational Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISkpABjO0u4

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Lift Care Rejuven Mask Pro LED Light Therapy Mask for Anti-aging.

Question Question 1

How Numerous Led Lights Exist In The Mask? And What Is The Ranking Of The Each Of The Colors (I.E., 650 Nm)?

Hi there are 150 lights in each mask. Here are the nm in each lightRed: 630 nmBlue: 470 nm Hi there are 150 lights in each mask. Here are the nm in each lightRed: 630 nmBlue: 470 nmGreen: 520 nmPurple: 433 nmYellow: 590 nmClear Blue: 440 nm

Question Question 2

What Sort Of Battery Charger Does This Include? Usb Or Wall Plug In?

It has a USB that plugs into the remote (power box) and remote plugs into wall.

Question Question 3

What Color Light Should Be Utilized For Uslasma Or Hyper-Pigmentation? We Have Read The Amber Lights Are Best For That. Exists An Amber Light Setting?

Hi the perfect setting for coloring and melasma is thumbs-up. Green light can stabilize color coloring considering that it targets melanocytes, melanin-producing cells found in the bottom layer of the skin’s skin. Works well with brightening cream for skin lightening effects.

Question Question 4

Should Eyes Be Secured With This Light?

Once the mask is on, the light doesn t shine into your eyes and we our eyes are extremely conscious light.

Question Question 5

Its A Size On The Mask? Oh Its Only One?

Hi there is only one size on this mask.

Question Question 6

We Have Saggy And Old And Wrinkly Skin, Will This Product Work For United States?

It will work, however only if you use it consistently. Does not reveal any enhancement if you only use it when in a while.Hope this helps.

Question Question 7

Would This Operate In England With An Adapter?


Question Question 8

Does This Have Infared And How Numerous Red Lights?Ty?

we do not believe it has infrared, as it does not heat up at all when utilizing it. In regards to the number of points of light, we would dislike to need to count them. A lot. Possibly one per each 1/2 inch over the whole inner surface area. BTW, the lights can be set to various colors, depending the therapy you want to have.

Question Question 9

Can We Use240 V When Charging?

Charging??? It s not a wireless system it s a plug in system

Question Question 10

Is The Mask Safe To Use If You Likewise Use Retinol?

we are not exactly sure, however we have cystic acne and it has assist me. it drys the out our acne and make our pores smaller sized. we hope this helps

Question Question 11

We Just Acquired The Rejuven Led Light Mask And Am We Expect To Use A Serum Prior To We Use It To Our Face?

we have utilized both a lightweight serum and heavy night cream prior to the mask with excellent results.we remembered that the sales brochure points out that a serum can be utilized previous to using the mask.

Question Question 12

Is It Suitable For Little Asian Face?

we have an little face and can use kids s glasses. It fit fine. we liked it other than for the power supply.

Question Question 13

No One Has Ever Addressed The Question If You Can Use More Then As Soon As Per Day, Various Colors Is Our Question?

Yes you can use any color whenever.The directions have suggestions regarding for how long and what colors are best for specific circumstances.

Question Question 14

Does This Mask Reach The Neck Likewise?

No. However often we move it down right below our eyes to reach our neck too (:

Question Question 15

Does It Assistance For Lip Wrinkles?

we use the LED lighting more for upkeep of a young healthy skin. we do not know if it’ll get rid of wrinkles we just believe with a healthy diet plan it may assist prevent more wrinkles.

Question Question 16

Do You Required A Power Converter To Use This On 210-220 Volt?

No. the adapter is free voltage.

Question Question 17

Can You Use This If You Havehad Fillers, Botox Or An Ipl.?

we have had Botox and have utilized the mask without an issue.Considering that the discharged light is only impacting skin texture rather than muscle function, we would not see a problem with utilizing the mask after injectables.

Question Question 18

We Got Our Rejuven Mask And It Did Not Include A Strap For The Mask Can You Send Out United States One?

You put on t require one. However you ought to ve got one. You can lay on your bed and just relax we just set the mask on your face

Question Question 19

Do We Required To Use Different Protective Eye Use While Utilizing The Mask?

we just set and keep our eyes closed.we purchased safety glasses to choose it nevertheless they do not work due to the size of the eye openings.

Question Question 20

What Is The Service Warranty?

Hi we bring a complete producer’s service warranty on the product.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Lift Care Rejuven Mask Pro LED Light Therapy Mask for Anti-aging, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We are liking this product. We are 44 and have continuous problems with melasma and milia, and our skin type is oily. We have had it for a little over 3 weeks and our melasma has enhanced, our face is substantially less oily, and the milia we had on our forehead and under our eyes have almost disappeared. Our skin looks more vibrant and more equally toned. We no longer need to use foundation, and that is stating a lot, we have utilized foundation our entire adult life. We use the blue light, the thumbs-up and the yellow light for 5 minutes each, every day. The yellow light is so bright it resembles depending on the sunlight, extremely unwinding, and we can not assist however question if it may assist people with seasonal depression, though undoubtedly that is not what it was createdfor Anyhow, we wonder to see how it does long term, however early results have been extremely appealing, we have had no issues at all with the devices, and the only grievance would be that the control is difficult to check out, you sort of need to experiment with it to figure out which button does what.

The stating goes you get what you pay for and we felt we got more then that with this mask. Initially it has 7 various lights each with a particular function that works for various conditions. We were aiming to assist with our wrinkles and rough patches of skin that our beauty parlor use to assist with light therapy. However it got expensive and we never ever felt we got the complete benefits doing it when a month. With the rejuven mask we might use it daily and on our sofa, the quality of the product packaging and device is exceptional. There are other masks on however the 1 year service warranty from a relied on producer decided for us. We like this new toy and will be suggesting to our good friends.

Been utilizing it previous week and saw the majority of our acne injuries recovered up and gotten much lighter. The light therapy works fantastic when we use it 15-20 mins a day biking in between red and yellow light. Make certain to likewise switch on the pulse mode to promote the skin cells to get a better result. The mask is a bit heavy however we just set on the couch and have fun with our phone. This is more affordable then getting it outside.

We have been utilizing this therapy mask every day for the previous 2 weeks. For our acne, we have utilized the blue light and our acne began to vanish without us squeezing it. This itself makes this mask a “must buy” for us. We have squeezed our acne numerous months ago and we still have a faint scar after 5 months. Now, we kept away from touching our acne. For our coloring, we utilized the thumbs-up. The color on our coloring is lighter now after utilizing this mask for 2 weeks. Now, we can reduce our spectra laser which costs about $160/treatment Great buy for the rate of $8900 Highly advised.

Our child’s and we have been delighting in the mask. All of us have seen enhancements on our complexion. We highly suggest. The only downside is that you can’t predetermined the color to alter throughout the 15 minute cycle.

This mask is fantastic. It feels extremely comfy on our face and we have seen our skin cleaning up perfectly in just a week. We like the choice of all the colors and then there is a strength setting that permits you to differ the strength of the light. The mask succeeds without googles, however we did get googles for our eyes for an additional procaution.

This is amazing. We have been utilizing this for a minimum of 3-4 weeks now, it’s the only thing we use in the evening after cleaning our confront with a cleanser. We do 15 minutes with the blue light, 15 minutes with the traffic signal for the small acne scarring and periodic hormonal acne that turns up. Our skin has absolutely enhanced and cleaned up.

Amazing, wanted we understood about this product a lot faster it would conserve us a lot cash and time going to the estheician to do the exact sametreatment We like how you can just place on the mask in your home and let it run for 10 minutes day using our pjs. We have currently discover distinction in the glow and wrinkles around our eyes. Our good friends have informed us that we do not look as worn out. We use this with the consisted of argan oil and it works well due to the fact that we have sensitive skin. The 7 color lights is an exceptionally excellent worth for what we paid.

When our mask broke we called the seller and they assisted us out by sending us a new product. And they free vitamic c serum. We liked how they had the ability to fix the issue fast. Thank you.

This mask is so heavy that it injures our eyes and nose. The eye holes are little small so rather of fitting on the bone surrounding your eye socket, it rests on the eye and at 5 #, that’s a great deal of weight. It likewise presses on our nose which after a few minutes is extremely unpleasant. We find ourself continuously changing positions however considering that this is electrical and requires to be plugged in, you’re restricted to your chair or sofa when you’re utilizing it.

We purchased this as an enhance to other at-home treatments: microneedling, mandelic acid, and hyalauronic acid. We weren’t awfully pleased with the arise from these – so we checked out alternatives and picked the rujeven mask. Now, it’s something when you believe a product is doing your skin some prefers. However when complete strangers start asking you what your secret is (and likewise decline to think that you are almost 40 years of ages), you understand that this is one product you can not live without. We have found that it’s particularly handy to use after microneedling. It speeds healing and appears to assist our skin “fill in” more rapidly than with just microneedling alone. We likewise like to believe it helps fight the winter season blues. We find that we normally go to sleep with it on. Led lights make us feel nauseated, so we are not able to see tv/read a book like other users.

We like that the mask rests on your face so that it can be utilized while resting. We likewise like the integrated timer function. We have attempted other led therapy gadgets and found this is one we will keep utilizing.

The blue light has assisted reduce the variety of break outs. We discover the distinction if we avoid a day. Our only grievance is the mask is too huge (if you put your eyes in the sockets, our lips line up to the nose on. The mask). However truthfully we might care less. We choose to use it putting down, considering that it is big and can weigh down on our face. However general it does work.

Never ever composed an evaluation previously, however this mask is amazing. We were doubtful however heard fantastic features of it. We have an unequal complexion and our cheeks are extremely red most day, we need to use bb and cc creams to cover the redness. While we have only been utilizing this for a week, we have seen that we do not need to use a lot of the creams to cover the redness on our face. Our company believe the redness is enhancing.

We didn’t believe this would work based upon some of the other evaluations. We figured if it didn’t work we might a minimum of return. We use this every night and have gotten compliments on just how much smoother our skin looks within 1 week of use. We will absolutely continue to use this. Thanks.

We bought the rejuven mask in september 2019 and found the mask worked well to promote a more healthy looking skin in addition to to assist prevent breakouts. We utilized the mask in combination with anti-aging serums. Then in march 2020, we emailed the seller to report that we were having a problem with the power control box. The seller right away addressed our e-mail and sent out a new power control box which we got within days of our original e-mail.

It works completely. Our only concern is that it is a little bright for the eyes. We would suggest getting some eye protection to support the device.

The mask itself is heavy and you require to accept your hand. We just began so we will let you know if we see any distinction in 2 weeks from now. We are super thrilled about our purchase and intend to see fantastic results.

It works fantastic on our acne. We have not had it long. It’s extremely simple to use. Cover your eyes with cotton pad for additional protection from light. We more than happy with the feel of our skin. Less breaking out, up until now. No severe responses.

Terrific product, after one week of use we discovered better enhancement on mwe skin, the dark spots from pregnancy were lowered. Skin feels more tight and smooth. If would be good if it features googles. We have utilized green and traffic signals up until now, eagerly anticipating attempt the other ones. You suggest this product.

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