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Back in the 1970 s, a NASA researcher by the name of Max Huber was operating in his laboratory when a mix of unpredictable chemicals blew up and severely burned his skin. Damaged however not discouraged, Huber invested the next 12 year explore more than 6,000 active ingredient combinations in the hopes of discovering a formula that might smooth his skin and assistance decrease the appearance of his scarred skin.

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Recommendation No. 2
Creme De La Mer (2oz = 60ml) Beauty Face Cream for Younger Skin and Anti-Aging
  • THE SECRET Creme de la Mer's Miracle Broth is suspended within its extraordinary formula. To activate the broth and release its key ingredients, warm a small amount between your fingertips. As you pat onto clean, dry skin, you will instantly feel the soothing effects of the broth. Smooth over your face, neck, even under the fragile eye area.
  • Aging lines and pores are noticeably less visible. Even the driest of complexions are healed. Sensitivities are soothed. And, of course, there are some who insist it has produced astonishing results - as Dr. Max Huber witnessed.
  • THE MIRACLE even now, it is not entirely clear how Creme de la Mer works.
  • Apply day and night for a lifetime.
  • 2oz / 60ml size may last up to 1 year
Recommendation No. 3
La Mer The Lifting Contour Serum - 1 Ounce
  • This sculpting serum visibly elevates contours and transforms facial definition
  • Precious, cell-renewing miracle broth helps to visibly firm
  • A more refined silhouette emerges as more lifted features come into new focus

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La Mer

Lastly, he found a mix that motivated the sort of results he was looking for, which quickly ended up being the flagship product in the La Mer line to promote vibrant skin.

On the heels of this impressive story, the research group chose to look even more into Huber’s discovery and figure out if La Mer can genuinely help in reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Included Ingredients

Even though Huber apparently tested more than 6,000 ingredients on his skin, La Mer does not provide any specifics about which ones he attempted or a complete disclosure of when and how the research studies were performed. Remarkably, the company’s lead product – Crème de La Mer – appears to be a relatively common blend of Sea Kelp Extract and Lecithin, in addition to a few standard vitamins and minerals.

Even though the company declares that Crème de La Mer can drastically reduce the indications of aging, our experience with Sea Kelp and Lecithin is that they lead to a rather steady and modest impact.

Sea Kelp is rich in numerous useful compounds, however no research is readily available to reveal that it can tighten up and firm the skin in the very same degree as more recent, more appealing ingredients such as Regenex or Lifting Spheres.

Lecithin, which is originated from soy bean, does program some moderate moisturizing effects, because this lipid (fatty particle) holds some water. However it appears weak particularly when compared to Hyaluronic Acid, a substance that can hold 1,000 times its own weight in water.


  • Reasonably effective as smoothing skin


  • Ingredients might not be the most powerful readily available
  • No customer reviews
  • Does not include collagen boosters or Hyaluronic Acid


Even thinking about the engaging story of Max Huber, it is challenging to precisely evaluate LaMer Even though the ingredients in the formula do not appear damaging, they might not produce the sort of quick and remarkable wrinkle reduction impact that today’s customer desires. Maybe, this formula would work best for those with really few indications of aging on their skin – most others need to look in other places.

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