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Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB (Beauty Balm) Cream

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB (Beauty Balm) Cream.

  • BE FLAWLESS: Quickly hides flaws.
  • BE YOUTHFUL: Long-lasting anti-aging benefites.
  • BE SECURED: Broad Spectrum SPF 40 Sunscreen.
  • APPEARS LIKE COMPRISE, IMITATES SKIN CARE: Quickly Conceals, Hydrates, and Safeguards in 1 application.
  • UNIVERSAL SHADE: Distinctively created for a skins.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB (Beauty Balm) Cream.
Get Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB Cream and be QuicklyFlawless Appears like Makeup, Imitates SkinCare This is genuinely the next generation of BBCream With foundation, primer, concealer, sunscreen and moisturizer, plus Hydroxatone’s advanced anti-aging technology, it not only supplies the flawless protection that women are looking for, however likewise attends to the issues connected with aging skin. THE SCIENCE BEHIND OUR AMAZING RESULTS: Advanced Ingredients and Benefits: PLANT STEM CELLS– helps secure the skin’s stem ce s to assist keep a vibrant aim to the skin. OLIGOPEPTIDE-68– biomimetic encapsulated peptide that, with vitamin c, promotes radiance and luminosity. VITAMIN C– helps promote co agen synthesis to visibly firm and lift aging skin. SALT HYALURONATE, CERAMIDE 3 and GLYCERIN– triple-action moisture boosters.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB (Beauty Balm) Cream.

Question Question 1

What Are The Side Effects?

we are nurse and we enjoy this bb cream no negative effects

Question Question 2

If We Put An Order Now What Will The Expiration Date Be On The Cream Sent To Me?

It will end in about 2 years.we purchased our two-pack in October 2014 and my own have an expiration of 08/2016 Expiration date appears embossed on the back of television at really leading (opposite the opening, where cream comes out).

Question Question 3

How Does This Color Compare To The Medium Shade?

After reading this thread we purchased the routine BB cream and the”Medium” we are olive complected with some dark spots and irregular complexion. The routine BB cream is perfect for us, we use it under Nutrogena Mineral Tone Powder Foundation #60 – Medium Beige. The “Medium” BB cream was substantially lighter, we use it as a After reading this thread we purchased the routine BB cream and the”Medium” we are olive complected with some dark spots and irregular complexion. The routine BB cream is perfect for us, we use it under Nutrogena Mineral Tone Powder Foundation #60 – Medium Beige. The “Medium” BB cream was substantially lighter, we use it as an under eye concealer, it would be similar to the Neutrogena #50 color.we get excellent protection with it, it has an enjoyable fragrance and utilized under the powder foundation it lasts throughout the day in normal situations. Really satisfied.

Question Question 4

Where Is This Product Made In?

Dispersed from New Jersey however at the bottom it state Leceur Salford which we googled and is England

Question Question 5

If We Order Today 5/4/2015 When Will This Product Exspire?

The one we just recently purchased has an expiration date of 8/2016

Question Question 6

How Is This For Usn?Can Men Use It. We Have Only Seen One Remark About One Male From His Partner.?

No experience with men utilizing it so we can’t comment.From a lady’s perspective we choose the BB cream to makeup.

Question Question 7

What Are The Expiration Dates For These Tubes?


Question Question 8

What Is The Experation Date?

we are sorry, we got rid of the product packaging however it’s not composed on television.

Question Question 9

Why It Does Not Have Expiration Date? It Only States N/A?

Never ever discovered expiration date.but enjoy the product. we work outdoors and reside in San Diego.protects and covers. Does not feel too heavy. Absolutely enjoy it.

Question Question 10

What Is The Expiration Date Of This Order?

It does not end

Question Question 11

What Is The Expiration Date Of This Order?

There is no expiration date on this tube.The number that others are referring to as an expiration date really seems an identification number.The number on our tube is W90381 A.There is no chance that’s an expiration date and there are no other numbers on television that might be an expiration date.

Question Question 12

If We Put An Order Today 11/ 5/2015 When Will This Product Expired?

It takes about 2 years to end

Question Question 13

What Are The Ingredients?

Secret Ingredients: Plant Stem Cell Extract -secures and rejuvenates Secret Ingredients: Plant Stem Cell Extract -secures and revitalizesOligopeptide-68– biomimetic encapsulated peptide that, with Vitamin C, promotes radiance & luminosity.Vitamin C- helps promote collagen synthesisSodium Hyaluronate, Ceramide 3, and Glycerin– triple action moisture boosters

Question Question 14

We Are Baffled. Does This Cream Can Be Found In 2 Tones, Light And Dark? What Is This Universal Shade? Will This Deal With Caramel-Colored Skin?

They have light and medium tones. we use medium and it’s a terrific sunscreen and makes our skin look younger. we are 53 and enjoy how it works. we do use a powder foundation over it for less shine.

Question Question 15

How Numerous Tubes Do You With This? It States Bonus Offer Load Of 2 However We Are Not Exactly Sure What The Bonus Offer Part Way. Buy One 2-Pack And Get Another 2-Pack For Free?

Uncertain. we purchased it in a 2 pack.

Question Question 16

Does Anybody Know If This Resembles Miracle Skin Transformer?

Do not know what Miracle Skin Transformer is, however we have utilized this for a number of years now as a foundation. we are older and have had facial skin cancer and we golf. This has SPF40 so we feel much safer using it.

Question Question 17

Does This Settle Into Fine Lines And Wrinkles?

Nope.we like it really much.we are 55 and have some fine lines.our 70 years of age partner is a star, and he utilizes this to go on auditions.And he’s got more wrinkles than we do.It will go on appearing like it’s not rather the best shade, however after a couple minutes, it in some way ends up being the perfect color.

Question Question 18

Where Can We Buy This Product?

has the very best rates.

Question Question 19

What Will Be The Expiration Date On The 2 Load If We Order Today, 5/30/17?

From C & C it will be approx. 6/2019

Question Question 20

Is This Product Non Comedegenic?

we have utilized Hydroxatone for over 4 years and never ever had an issue. If anything our skin is clearer.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB (Beauty Balm) Cream, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We lastly figured it out after we purchased straight from hydroxatone and got the real low below them: there are 2 kinds of this product this one was the “universal” or what hydroxatone calls clear- this one glides on is smooth and makes skin look damp however does not cover spots or freckles. The other type is the “tonal” products which can be found in tones (light, medium, tan, deep tan and dark, which appear like the very same product packaging however have an entirely various look and feel. The tonals have fantastic protection, conceal whatever however are clothes dryer, and you require to use more to spread out equally, it likewise leaves a flat practically powder like surface. We enjoy the universal however attempted the tonal.

This things is unbelievable. We are 37 years of ages and we have never ever had perfect skin. We have attempted numerous various skincare products, structures, bb creams, and so on, and absolutely nothing was ever amazing. Well, this is. A little goes a long way and our skin looks fresh and not flawless however practically. It s seriously fantastic. Amazing. We were hesitant that it would deal with all skin tones, however it mixed into our comparable absolutely wonderfully. We will never ever stop utilizing this things. Highly highly highly highly advise.

We truly like this foundation. It works well for us in the summer season when we are tan and in the winter season when we are more pale. This is the second time we have purchased this product. We attempted returning to random drug shop structures in between and just couldn’t find anything we liked. We have attempted using it with a brush (which is okay), our fingers (goes on too thick) and a wet beauty sponge (which without a doubt goes on the very best with). We have a great deal of red spots on our face and this doesn t cover them entirely however offers us an excellent base to then include a little concealer over it. We then use a light cleaning of powder. We never ever need to retouch our foundation throughout the day, just often need to use a little more concealer on those bothersome red spots. We are 39 and have some fine lines and we seem like this does not get cakey or crease in those locations. However, we constantly discuss the fine lines with a tidy wet sponge when we are made with all of our makeup to ensure it s not caked on. Absolutely advise.

We have attempted lots of structures to bb creams and this is by far a holy grail for our skin. It does what it states as a “bb cream” which is not a complete protection foundation however more of a medium protection skin tint. When mixed in well and topped with a completing powder this has a stunning satin glow and does not motivate or highlight our oily skin. The skincare element of this is fantastic, our skin is better and more even while likewise stopping our cystic acne. Anything makes us break out and this does not so that alone is amazing. The surface last approximately 8 hours with no retouch. The shade variety can be changed just desire they had more of a choice for paler and darker peeps. The product we got remained in exceptional condition and had an excellent standing expiration date. We will continue purchasing this forever, we remain in love.

We have been looking for an excellent bb cream and was missing out on the one we utilized to buy from costco by the very same brand as this one. We have attempted a number of from the significant cosmetic business, however none truly work, and we enjoy that this one has a terrific spf protection. However, we like this one evenbetter It has a small natural color tint to it and it helps conceal our pink/redness without being too dark. (we have a reasonable ivory complexion). We are so grateful we found this product once again.

We have been a huge buyer of an excellent foundation since we seldom use any other makeup besides foundation and mascara. So, we generally pay a lot for the product. However, this product we have utilized as our foundation considering that we bought a year ago from costco. Costco no longer provides it so when we found it here, we scooped it up. And it showed up as guaranteed and at an excellent cost. This is the absolute best we have ever utilized.

Love this things. We are not a makeup kinda woman, however we require sunscreen and color toning. We have attempted a number of various bb and cc products, however wasn t really pleased with any of them. We liked aveeno s cc cream, however they stopped offering it. When we found this, we fell in love. It seems like we are not using any makeup, however it smooths our skin and offers us sun protection. We hope they never ever stop offering this things.

We have attempted numerous bb creams in the past, however they would feel heavy, trigger acne, and often smelled horrible. After attempting this one, we were happily shocked. It goes on smooth, feels hydrating, and has a little bit of pigment that helps in reducing the redness we receive from rosacea.:-RRB- like numerous others stated, this product will not change makeup, however it covers more than we anticipated. With a primarily clear face and some redness, using this bb cream and some powder foundation after moisturizing sufficed protection. Our only grievance is that we want it had a greater spf, however that’s alright.

We enjoy the feel and protection of this lotion. It is a little light for our skin tone however we use a little cream makeup and powder over it anyhow. We have bought this at costco for a couple dollars less however it is not a routine product for them. We have seen it much more pricey in other places.

We constantly bought this at costco. Recently it has been really off and on regarding schedule. Today, it’s gone. We truly like this cream. It offers just the best little bit of color without looking”made up” Feels fantastic on, and the spf factor is a plus. Rate the like costco.

Excellent protection and evens out our facial coloring well. A bit oily, however doesn t cause issues. We use it every day in arizona sun, and have not had any issue with sunburn. Practically odorless.

This is type of a cross in between a neutral foundation and a bb cream. On the plus side it mixes in to diverse skin tones and evens out our skin and supplies a little bit of protection, specifically for redness. It’s a little thick and not super moisturizing so we put moisture cream on very first. It’s not the kind of bb cream that is large and turns orange thank god. We are 59 with rough, huge pores, some wrinkles and this works well for us. No settling in creases or caking.

We absolutely enjoy this fantastic product. Typically we dislike foundation of any kind however this has whatever we require. And essentially no odor. It smooths on like a dream, remains on in warm weather condition and typically we include some late in the day if we are goingout A little blush on the cheekbones and we are prepared to roll. We have been utilizing it for years and we will continue to use it.

We are black so when we use it takes a while to appropriately blend in. It just rests on our face for a while. We likewise need to use a moisturizer below since it makes our skin truly dry. Nevertheless, it blend in wonderfully after a while.

We enjoy this product, it offers protection like foundation however its not so heavy, it has sunscreen currently included so bonus offer, we are covered, however what’s truly fantastic is we do not need to picked a shade for us, it’s for all tones, we constantly had difficulty going through 30 bottles of foundation at the shop, and in some way we never ever handled to find the best one, now we wear; t need to trouble. We will be utilizing it for the rest of our life. Excellent product.

Love this product. It s not the very best protection for sun however it leaves our face airbrushed we wear t requirement to include any other makeup. We have been acquiring this product once again and once again, and whenever it lasts a minimum of 4-6 months. Attempted diff b & b creams and never ever liked any other product as much as this.

Initially bought from costco for $19 98 for the bundle of 2 each. We bought online as costco wasout They now have restocked the product. The product is amazing and even at $32 00 for 2 bottles you can’t fail. We have utilized all the huge called brand names of foundation however when begun utilizing this we no longer use foundation. We are constantly asked by people what products we use. This product is a tint and matches any complexion. We enjoy it and will never ever stop. Going to costco to stockpile as we go thru 2 bottles every 6 months as we use daily.

Our buddy had been informing us to attempt this bb cream for some time now stating it was the very best. We want we would have listened previously. We have attempted various bb products in all cost varieties and we can’t think how fantastic this one is for the cost. It does not smell to just like spf, its so creaour and the protection is whatever we desire and require. A 5+ for sure.

Our subject line states everything. We have attempted numerous other bb creams, however this one is the very best. We are huge follower that you require a considerable spf if you are to look young and this product has it. We are really active and we have never ever had a burn with this product.

This is a foundation with integrated sunscreen. It works wonderfully & deserves the cost. Really pleased with it.

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