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How To Make Aging Skin Tougher And More Youthful Looking At The Same Time?

How To Make Aging Skin Tougher And More Youthful Looking At The Same Time

Here’s a little advice for those of you who want to learn how to make aging skin tougher. You may have noticed that bruises heal more slowly or that slight scratching causes bleeding. You realize that this didn’t happen when you were younger.

The problem is that your skin’s outer layers (the epidermis) have become thinner. Your body is not producing as many new epidermal cells as it once was.

While there are no blood vessels in the epidermis, there are in the dermis, which is the next layer down. So, as the outer layer becomes thinner, a little scratch can penetrate through it and into the dermis layer, where blood vessels are broken and bleeding occurs.

This causes an older person to bruise more easily, too. And, any damage of this type heals more slowly because of decreased cellular reproduction. There is hope, though.

Research has shown that protein bound to small amounts of zinc and copper stimulates the skin cell production, which will make the epidermis thicker. Making it thicker is how to make aging skin tougher.

A compound called Functional Keratin contains the protein, the zinc and the copper. Other types of keratin are on the market, but the processes that are used to make the protein water soluble also render it inactive. Functional Keratin was created using patented processes that do not destroy the protein’s activity.

In clinical studies using creams that contain it, and human volunteers between the ages of 40 and 60, researchers saw as much as a 160% increase in skin cell proliferation after only three days of use. So, they learned how to make aging skin tougher in as little as three days.

The creams also reduce sagging, which is a problem for many older people. They help to fade fine lines and wrinkles, as well. They support the skin’s health through the inclusion of antioxidants like coenzyme Q10 and natural vitamin E.

Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that is present in every cell of the body, but researchers have found that the levels are quickly depleted when the cells are exposed to UV rays from the sun. That’s because UV rays stimulate the production of free radicals. An antioxidant neutralizes a free radical by giving up one of its electrons, which changes both the free radical and the antioxidant molecule into inactive molecules.

Not only is it important to learn how to make aging skin tougher, it is also important to learn how to prevent free radical damage and supplement decreased levels of coenzyme Q10, which is also found in older people.

The problem that manufacturers had to solve was how to make the molecules of COQ10 small enough to penetrate through the skin’s layers. Using nanotechnology, they were able to solve that problem.

Creams that contain Functional Keratin and NANOLIPOBELLE COQ10 are some of the most nourishing creams on the market. Using them is how to make aging skin tougher and more youthful looking at the same time.

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