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How Magnesium Can Fight Aging?

How Magnesium Can Fight Aging

According to the results derived at the research made at Human Nutrition at Franc’s National Institute of Agricultural Research, the main cause of aging is not the free radicals, but it is caused by the reduction of magnesium.

If there is a deficiency of magnesium along with free radicals in animals, it will cause more damage. They may suffer from weak cell membranes and consequently restrict the movement of calcium in these membranes. This is called the main factor in aging process and harmful condition of the cells as described by the expert members.

The animals that have lower amount of calcium produce cytokines that give rise to free radicals in the body and have harmful effects on the cells usually are called inflammatory agents. And if this deficiency of calcium remains for a long time, the vitamins E are also affected badly because they are the main factors in defending these free radicals in the body.

This decreased magnesium also affects the functions of heart because they destroy the energy essential for the cells growth.

Lower Blood Pressure: You may also suffer from high blood pressure, if you have deficient magnesium in your body. The researches made by the staff of Swedish University show strange situation of blood pressure in people. In nine weeks, the patients who take 360-milligram dose of magnesium on daily basis, their systolic blood pressure was reduced by 154 to 146 and diastolic from 100 to 92.

Prevents and Reverses Diabetes: Diabetes is also caused to some extent by the decreased amount of magnesium according new studies. If the patients are given lower amount of magnesium, it will enable them to control diabetes.

According to theories, there is some effect of diabetes in the metabolism of magnesium. There is a lower amount of magnesium present in most of the patients of diabetes in their blood and cells. This situation is very critical, because this lower amount of magnesium may cause the blood clotting, contraction of vessels, high blood pressure, heartbeat problems etc.

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