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How Beta Carotene Can Fight Aging?

How Beta Carotene Can Fight Aging

If you want to remain away from the conditions that cause cancer, you must keep in mind antioxidant, called beta carotene. A lot of studies show that people who have a higher level of beta carotene in their blood and diets have less chances of having conditions of cancer like lungs, mouth, throat, esophagus, larynx, stomach, breast and bladder. And the people having lower amount of beta carotene are more likely to involve in the condition of deadly lung cancer caused by smoking.

It is also proved from research that cervix cancer is also restricted by beta carotene. If you take heavy doses of beta carotene, you may develop reserves of lesions that are helpful in preventing the mouth cancer conditions.

A 30-milligram dose of beta carotene can stop developing the activities of growth of cancer in people having colon cancer, in just two weeks in 44 percent people and in 9 weeks in 57 percent people. And even if they stop taking the supplements, it will work for 6 months.

Women, who suffer from breast cancer, if taken higher level of beta carotene in their diets, have six times greater chances of survival than those who do not take it. It is also helpful for stopping the proliferation of cancer cells.

Note: you can also use beta carotene for preventing smoking for a long time. According to researchers, a 12 year high doses of beta carotene can abolish the lung cancer.

There is a causative proof that beta carotene keep arteries away from clogging and thus prevent diseases that involve heart and blood vessels. The research made at Harvard University shows that the doctors who take 50 milligram dose of beta carotene for six years have half chances of getting dangerous attacks and diseases than those physicians who take less amount of this supplement.

Another study at Harvard made at 90 thousand nurses shows that the women taking 110 IU of beta carotene daily have lower risk of getting heart diseases than those nurses who take 3800 IU daily. Also a large study of European centres proof that there are 260 percent more chances of getting heart attacks in those who take minimum amount of supplements of beta carotene than those who have a greater amount of it in their diets.

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