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Bath & Body Works Wexler Universal Anti-Aging Cleanser

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Here are a few main benefits of Bath & Body Works Wexler Universal Anti-Aging Cleanser.

  • Patricia Wexler M.D. Dermatology Universal Anti-Aging Cleanser With MMPi technology, this a -in-one lightweight cleanser and eye makeup eliminator totally cleans up without over-drying. Soap- free formula gets rid of daily pollutants while keeping skin’s moisture balance for younger looking, healthy sensation skin. For a skin types.

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Patricia Wexler M.D. DermatologyUniversal Anti-Aging Cleanser

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Bath & Body Works Wexler Universal Anti-Aging Cleanser.

Question Question 1

What Are The Ingredients In This Cleanser? Exists Scent?

Uncertain about scent however we understand it has olive oil

Question Question 2

Can You Inform United States How A Product That Cost$16 Is Now Costing $60? That Is Absolutely Benefiting From People.?

we have no concept about their pricing.It is exceptionally high.

Question Question 3

Why Is This So CostlyHere We Utilized To Buy It At Bath & Body Works For Less Than $20?

we have no concept why it is so pricey here.Where are you from.we have constantly paid 3 digit numbers for a container of the creams.Love it and how it works, however they state you get what you pay for.The cleanser is a little more affordable, however works well likewise.

Question Question 4

Given That This Has Been Discontinued, Has Anybody Found Another Creaour Cleaner Like This?

No we have not.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Bath & Body Works Wexler Universal Anti-Aging Cleanser, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We purchased this prior to the cost was around17 00 dollars. Now the very same size is62 30 for the very same size. So unfortunate. We called the 888 # on back of cleansing face wash who answers however bath and body works. That’s where we utilized to buy it. Why would wexler leave their bath and body number on bottle??? when bath and body hasn” t offered it for a minimum of 18 months??? appears like a real rip off.

We truly like all the patricia wexlerproducts We truly like not being connected to a particular total up to need to buy to get the product we require when we wish to buy something. We have had compliments about looking younger than our age, which every year makes us feel even better about our choice of products and use of pw.

We enjoy this product however the cost bump from $16 00 to $40 something has us looking for something new.

We have been utilizing this cleanser off and on for years. We are so enjoyed find it on, since it’s really frequently out of stock at bath and body works shops. As long as we use this cleanser, we get no breakouts. When we are utilizing it frequently, we get compliments on our skin. Love it, and this product from is def authentic.

Terrific product and we have utilized this for about 30 years. We freaked out when bath & body works chosen to stop the line and we are delighted that we can still buy this online.

Do to the absence of accessibility the cost has increased for those merchants offering this product. Terrific product however unworthy paying almost double when their are other cleaners that are just as excellent.

Our relative has been utilizing this product for some time now and she likes this antwe aging cream. Just a replenishment since she completed the last one. It works well with on our relative’s face. We would advise it to all women.

Love this facial cleanser. First purchased it from bath & body works, and have enjoyed it because. Gentle enough for daily use, and gets your skin tidy without being insane dry. Great for all skin types (we have mix).

We like how it takes your makeup off together with cleaning your face.

Luv this cleanser.

Terrific product enjoy it.

We use this by itself or blend it with another cleanser we have, and it’s excellent both methods.

Feels creaour and fresh on our face. After washing our face feels tidy and revitalized – moist at all.

We enjoy wexler. We have been utilizing it for years. We enjoy this cleanser and the moisturizer too.

Outstanding product. Keeps skin soft and does not dry out the skin. We utilized this product years ago and we have gone back to utilizing it.


Terrific product.

Only cleanser we use on our face. We especially like it since it does not dry out our skin and even gets rid of water resistant makeup. We initially offered this a 5 when we were advised from another evaluation that it when dripped in our travel suitcase too. Thankfully, we constantly put liquids and creams in zip lock bags when we take a trip, so absolutely nothing was messed up, just squandered. We believed that it was bad product packaging too up until we kept in mind that we have taken this in a luggage sometimes without occurrence – that is up until we took it on an aircraft. Poor product packaging or bad leaflet? we are uncertain. Just keep in mind to use a zip lock bag just in case.

We use this daily for several years. Terrific product.

Been utilizing this product for years. We enjoy the soft tidy odor, really moisturizing and gets off makeup quickly.

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