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ASTERWOOD NATURALS Hyaluronic Acid Serum

ASTERWOOD NATURALS Hyaluronic Acid Serum

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of ASTERWOOD NATURALS Hyaluronic Acid Serum.

  • BRIGHT AND VIBRANT SKIN – Evens complexion for a brighter, more radiant skin.
  • ORGANIC & VEGAN – Our Hyaluronic Acid is organic and vegan for healthy and gorgeous skin.
  • NO OILS, FRAGRANCES, PARABENS OR SULFATES – A Asterwood Naturals Serums are never ever tested on animals.
  • SAFE CASH BACK WARRANTY – If you’re not entirely pleased contact us for a fu refund, no questions asked.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on ASTERWOOD NATURALS Hyaluronic Acid Serum.
Our 100% pure vegan Hyaluronic Acid provides intense hydration, leaving skin fu and plump. Our Organic Hyaluronic Acid Serum Consists of the Fo owing Benefits: Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles for a Smoother, More Dynamic Appearance Improves Skin Flexibility Evens Skin Tone for a Better, More Radiant Skin Enhances Skin Texture by Reducing Skin Issues Due to Age Deeply Hydrates to Hydrate Dry, Du Skin A Asterwood Naturals Serums are Free Of: Oils Scents Parabens Never Tested on Animals We provide a 100% refund assurance. If you’re not entirely pleased, call us for a fu refund without going through the difficulty of returning the serum. Our Serums Can Se Out Rapidly as They are Made in Sma Batches to Make Sure Freshness. Click the “Add to Cart” Button Now to Assurance Your Serum is Sti in Stock.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ASTERWOOD NATURALS Hyaluronic Acid Serum.

Question Question 1

Does This Aid With Scars? Thank You A Lot.?

No not really.but it does hydrate skin extremely well.try rather pure camellia cleansing oil and camellia oil for day and night this will aid with scars and sales it too.

Question Question 2

This Product Wasn’T Seal When We Got It, And It Wasn’T All The Way Filled Is This Normal?

The one we got was filled all the way and sealed

Question Question 3

We Never Ever Utilized A Dermal Roller Prior To. Can You Inform United States What Will It Do To Our Skin.?

we have been utilizing a dermal roller with another brand of HA.we do not have any strong sensations excellent or bad on if its working.we are utilizing a really shallow dermal roller and will be utilizing a new one with longer needles quickly. hoping that offers us the WOW factor we are looking for.

Question Question 4

Can You Mix The Ha Serum With A Retinol And/Or Vitamin C Serum?

our company believe Asterwoods currently cages a HA serum with vitamin C. we would never ever consider blending chemicals to place on our face. Even if it s safe we are certainly no chemist, and would not try out something on our own face.

Question Question 5

What Is This Derived From?

Look it up on google, or ask a cosmetologist. we are not exactly sure.

Question Question 6

This Product Is Safe For Injection Pen???

It s a topical. Not for injection. You require to see a skin doctor for sit injections.

Question Question 7

Where Is It Made?

we do not know, however you might examine the site.

Question Question 8

What Is The Consistency Of The Serum? We Use The Matrixyl 3000 Argireline Vitamin C Serum And It Is Quite Thin.?

Most serums are extremely thin. So that s ok.

Question Question 9

What Is The Consistency Of This Serum? Is The Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum Thick?

It s 100% hyaluronic acid, so yes, however this is not an oil, it soaks up right into your skin.Therefore, it is not the consistency of oil. Will not block your pores, It s like water to your skin. Naturally produced by your body. Amazing sensation.

Question Question 10

Do You Bring This In A Larger Amount?

All of Asterwood Naturals serums are readily available in 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz sizes. Thanks.

Question Question 11

Is It Certified Ruthlessness Free And Do You Offer This Product In China?

It states on the label that it is vegan and organic.If it’s vegan – there is no question of being ruthlessness free.

Question Question 12

Does This Serum Aid With Fine Lines Around The Lips?

yes, it was excellent

Question Question 13

Why Did This Double In Cost? The Last One We Bought From This Company Was $17?

You are appropriate ~ ~ it has more than doubled in 2 1/2 years.The last time we purchased it remained in August, 2017 and it was 4 oz for $1490 we were going to get more, now we might keep shopping for another brand.

Question Question 14

Does It Assist Close Your Pores?

In our experience, no. For the 30 days that we utilized the product all it did was dry the skin out, peel and our huge pores were still visible there. Whomp-whomp.

Question Question 15

What Is The % Of Ha?

We use 2% HA in our serums. Thanks.

Question Question 16

Where Is This Produced?Where Are Ingredients Sourced?In Other Words, Is This Usa Sourced, Produced And Dispersed?

All our serums are made in the United States with United States & imported products. Thanks.

Question Question 17

Is It Water Based?


Question Question 18

What Is The Portion Of Hyaluronic Acid In This Product?

Uncertain however it’s excellent.

Question Question 19

Can This Be Utilized With Alpha Hydroxy Acid Products? In Specific Of Serum We Currently Placed On Our Face?

we would ask a cosmetologist.we use it with Vitamin C Serum, after cleansing our face early morning and night. It most likely would be no issue, however we wear t know.

Question Question 20

How Would We Include This Into Our Skincare Routine? We Presently Wash Anduse A MoisturizerOnly We Are 34, Beginning To Notification Lines Now.?

We suggest cleaning your face, using toner if desired, then the serum, and then a moisturizer if required. Thanks.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on ASTERWOOD NATURALS Hyaluronic Acid Serum, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Been utilizing for numerous weeks, early morning and night. Have seen reduction in forehead wrinkles. One bottle will last about 6 months when utilized on complete face and neck area.

Let us be clear, this is not a paid evaluation. We are consumed. 1. It s a big bottle. 2. It immediately offered results. We utilized it on top of our makeup for the very first time and still worked. Then during the night we utilized it once again all over our cleansed face and chest and wow. Our skin was complete, plump, lively and healthy. Not oily at all. 3. We put it on our very chapped lips due to a bad lip scrubbed we utilized and being a new yorker the cold hits you hard. Once again wow. Our lips are super smooth and the color has returned to them. 4. Place on our eyes, around them and straight under and once again wow. This component is normally in skincare however for a severe quantity of cash. And with our skin not able to completely absorb we stated to ourself why not straight to an organic source and our absorbable serum – this is it. We did a great deal of research for this and the something we invest cash on is sustainable beauty products working from the withinout Buy this you will not be dissatisfied. We have mix skin or mediterranean good and huge pores with minor rosacea and 35, this has been a life saver. Thank you men a lot and we will be continuously utilizing your product.

We believe we found our serum. We utilized to use one we got in marshalls on sale however was unable to find it anywhere else. Then we purchased one on prime handle golden infant shine in it – that was a joke. Then after browsing products and reading examines we chose to provide it a shot. And it worked. You require to be thorough like with anything else however it works. Will publish prior to and after photos later on.

Our skin is normally an oil factory, we suggest every possibility we get we are blotting. We have even been so desperate regarding use a toilet seat cover (unused obviously), to tame the shine. Our oily peeps know what we are speaking about.?? we have been utilizing this serum for a month now (below a few drops of jojoba oil blended with our face lotion) and we lastly have that matte look with minor glow that we have been hopingfor And for recommendation, we reside in southern california where it s presently 95+ degree every day so normally we are hot sticky mess. After applied, our skin feels so nourished and fresh. Essential: you need to use this right away after showering or cleaning your face. If you wait too long, it will have the opposite affect, your skin will feel dry and tight.??.

Works marvels. We use this and then our moisturize. Our skin drains this serum rapidly and our moisturizer soaks up like a dream. We have soft and smooth skin throughout the day. It plumps the skin so well, we observe lowered pores, lowered fine lines, and our forehead is smooth as an infants bottom. We purchased this since we were looking for methods to reduce the expense of our skin care routine. We utilized to use caudalie vinosource s. O. S thirst satiating serum at $50 for 1oz. This is $15 for 4oz and works way better.

Have been purchasing this things for practically 2 years now (we have gone through 3 bottles.) and it is the initial step in our skin care routine after we wereh our face prior to bed. To blend things up, we purchased another product with a various “acid” as the active component (and of a popular name brand product) and need to have stayed with our attempted and true. Unlike the replacement product we are attempting now, this does not interfere with the other 2 or 3 products in our skin care routine (the replacement product makes whatever else go on like drying elmer’s glue; whatever goes on chunky:(( we likewise use a collagen cream, an eye cream, and often a caffeinated eye product)). This one sinks into the skin practically right away and has absolutely lowered our fine lines and minwe wrinkles like we desired it to, however has likewise made our complexion much more even and softer looking. We are 25 years of ages, however use this primarily for preventative functions, and to reverse the effects of tech neck. If we miss out on more than one night of utilizing this product, it is visible. We can’t think we ever didn’t use this product. And for the cost, it is unsurpassable.

We have been utilizing this particular hyaluronic acid for about a year now. Prior to that, we had attempted 2 other brand names. We provided each of them a 6-month trial. We figure that 6 months suffices time to attempt a product to see it holds true results. After utilizing 2 other brand names, and not seeing that huge of a distinction (if at all) we stumbled upon asterwood, and it altered our whole view on hyaluronic acid. With this serum, we use it 1x every day, and on our excellent days, we attempt to use it during the night too (we just draw at cleaning our face during the night). We wereh our confront with viewpoint, and then put this on right away after. We use half of the syringe complete each time. After we put this on, we then do our eye cream, and we complete with maracuja oil as our moisturizer (we use the one from art naturals. We highly suggest that too). We then put our facial tanning lotion on after that. It’s by phony bake. We have been doing this specific routine for over a year now, and the results have been astonishing to me. Our face is tighter, our fine lines have been reduced, and just the other day we got a discuss our instagram account that “you never age. What’s your secret?. ” well, this is it. We will turn 35 in june, and we can truthfully state that we look better now than we did when we were25 We provide credit to this routine that we do every early morning. If you wish to see what we are speaking about, you’re more than welcome to take a look at our pictures on our instagram page and see what our skin appears like. Our insta name is at jillybeanjewelry. We would like to know if you attempt this product, and if you like it as much as we do. We truly like the label, and the bottle too. When we are finished with the bottle, we clean it out and use it for our essential oils that we like to dab on our neck for aroma. Anyhow, we highly suggest this product, and we understand you will too as soon as you attempt it. Here’s to being 40 and appearing like you’re30 Be excellent to yourself, and buy this product. You’ll be so happy you did.

Ok. This is a miracle in the jarrrrrr. We had a fine line have utilized this for a week or 2 no more fine line now we will not require botox at 21 lmao we are additional however seriously this has made us look 12 once again.

After fighting some strange kind of dermatitis or whatever on our face (and chest) for over a year, we found this serum. We intentionally waited a couple months prior to composing this evaluation so we might truly see how it would impact our skin. It has brought our bad scarred dull yet oily skin back to life after all the injury it’s been through. Our skin is no longer dry and flaky at all. It’s still oily as heck however we are hoping that will decrease. We use it early morning and night. In the early morning we follow application with our sunscreen, then makeup. Our skin is looking better and better every day and we can’t inform you how grateful we are. Why we like this serum: we like that it is available in glass and not plastic. Required less plastic in our life in basic. It’s organic and vegan, so we understand no bad roosters were associated with its production. It has extremely few ingredients, and for us, less ismore Modifications: more lively, moisturized, calm skin. Assisting recover sores more rapidly, night out complexion, reducing redness around leisions. We believe since of the plumping impact, it’s assisting make our scars less popular too. Our friend saw us for the very first time in a month or two and we were sans makeup in your home and she could not overcome just how much better our skin looked. We wish to keep utilizing this forever. Keep in mind: the very first bottle we got featured a damaged cap. Subsequent order was fine. We have consisted of an image from the very first delivery. We needed to move the serum into a brown glass dropper bottle we fortunately had on hand.

We use this as the first serum & then use our other glycolic serum after we wereh & damp our face. We constantly have hyaluronic acid serum in our skincare routine however just chose to attempt out from this brand a few weeks back. Up until now this hyaluronic serum doesn t dissatisfy me. It helps lock the moisture under our skin extremely well. We have been utilizing it regularly two times a day & never ever experienced any dryness on our face even as soon as throughout these very first few weeks of the winter season. We are so happy that we chose to arbitrarily look for another brand to attempt at that time & found this.

We like this product. It is without a doubt among our preferred hyaluronic acids. It soaks into skin relatively rapidly (so no wait time). We spritz on some mist prior to using as it certainly requires to be applied to damp skin; it works exceptionally well that way. Our esthetician compliment our complexion and it’s over flexibility recently after we began utilizing this. In general, a 2% ha in a 4 oz bottle for this cost is amazing. We like this ha and the trader joe’s hyaluronic serum, both products are excellent; nevertheless, this will provide you more ha – 2% vs. Tj’s 1%. Our skin type: 30 s combination.

We have mix skin so we purchased this to moisturize dry patches on our face. It certainly works. This product hydrates your skin and makes it soft and flexible. Likewise, we have never ever become aware of hyaluronic acid aiding with acne however we swear this things does. If we put this product on our face prior to bed, any acne bumps that we have will be gone or considerably smaller sized by early morning. Asterwood naturals’ hyaluronic acid is an essential for your skincare routine.

This is our 2nd bottle to use. What we like about it is that it “feels” like a serum. Not watery and you can feel it gradually firm up your skin. The only factor we did not provide it a 5 is since the ingredients on the bottle do not provide a purchaser the portion of just how much serum remains in the bottle. Other huge name cosmetic business will put the portion of hyaluronic acid serum on their bottles however this one does not.

We have attempted most every skin moisturizer on the marketplace and our skin just got drier and drier. Plus we were investing a lots of cash. Any moisturizer consisting of wter or alcohol will only even more dry your skin. We more than happy with this product. We make our own moisturizer now utilizing this in addition to argon oil, jojoba oil, vitamin b, c, e, cocoa butter and aloe and use emu and coconut oils to assist spread out the goodness. You can include any oils without ingredients to restore some youth to your skin. We use this product both in our oil mixture and all by itself. Extremely delighted.

We wound up utilizing this on our neck and chest am/pm then moisturize (and we like it a lot for that) vs. Our face which was the objective. We had been utilizing another extremely luxury product by sc which is ha with b5 and was on the hunt for something comparable at a good pricerange. Found out about this on you tube so attempted it. Had heard excellent features of this, however it’s not excellent for our face personally. We make sure it may be for others, however we have extremely dry skin.

We just need to state that we have been utilizing the serum for practically 2 months and we have discovered that we have a more vibrant appearance to our face. We didn’t have wrinkles to start with, however we do have the nasolabial folds and these folds have considerably softened. We have been getting a great deal of compliments recently on our appearance. We will most likely continue to use this serum and we would suggest it.

We just got the product on friday as set up. The bottle is quite big and the consistency is not too thick or sticky however perfect. We only needed to use a bit since it spreads out well/nicely. We had been utilizing the rodan and fields serum which was okay however watery and quite pricey. We utilized this product after utilizing our alcohol free toner and prior to utilizing moisturizer. To be truthful, we did not require much moisturizer. Our skin felt/feels extremely smooth, flexible and has a glow. Im 48 by the way so our skin has a few flaws. Fantastic product up until now and no inflammation whatsoever for our extremely sensitive skin. We discovered that some other ha products have other ingredients noting ha way down on the list letting us know that it was not the main component which was essential to me. We will check out more products from asteroid naturals. Fantastic product.

This is our very first time utilizing hyaluronic acid serum which was suggested by our skin specialist. We wereh our confront with warm water, leave some moisture on our face and then use the product. A little drop goes a long way. We like the dropper that caps the bottle. It soaks up rapidly so we can use a moisturizer. We have found our skin to be much softer and of a better appearance. We would absolutely suggest.

We like this things. This bottle is the very best bang for your dollar and this one is organic vegan. However it is likewise amazing. We discovered a distinction in skin from the very first application. We have sensitive skin and this does not aggravate our our skin. We like the consistency. Its not thinned down or water thin like numerous brand names. It isn’t thick though. It goes on smooth. Dries good too. Not sticky at all. We can not live without this things.

Truly enjoyed this it feels unbelievable on your skin. We have purchased this brand a few times, the last bottle lasted so long we hesitated it got infected and stopped utilizing it. Any product blended with or included over a thin layer of this soaks deep into your skin. Hyaluronic acid is only effective for deepening the dermal reach of whatever liquid it is blended with, so we use pure water or moisturizers. We last purchased this months back, only publishing an evaluation now since we are so upset it has doubled in cost given that our last purchase:( will be attempting a various brand since of cost modification. Any suggestions?.

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